• Go to bed by 12 the latest
  • Get up by 9, 10 the latest
  • Try to do at least 1 thing on my lists every day!
  • Keep room tidy & vacuumed
  • Keep windows dry not damp
  • Keep killing mold with detergent
  • keep off fb when bored
  • Run at least once a week!
  • Use listography *-
feb 13 2012 ∞
feb 13 2012 +

I LOVE listography, like many people I have Many todo lists, ideas for projects and other random thoughts floating around on hundreds of scattered files ( paper and digital) all over my room and computer.

Some of these are very old others are rather new, so go and some stay with me, which is perfectly normal and healthy behaviour.

My issues lie in my organisation, procrastination and the guilt and cram mentality I have towards tasks. Other major life changing events have also led me down different paths which have led to me reevaluating what I want to do with my life.

Right now, gaining back more control of my tasks is extremely important to me. I want to feel in control of my time and achieve more of the things that I set rather than picking and choosing from a infinit list.

To do this I've recently read a blog by S...

feb 22 2012 ∞
feb 22 2012 +