Things I love (i probably chew ur ear off about these things pls forgive)

for my birthday i want

  • everyone to have a good time
  • somebody to bank transfer me 0.69 cents
  • bubble tea (yall know my order)
  • nice shirts
  • pony stuff (not specifically the toys i just... love small pony flavored things)
  • ur amazing art + writing
  • a wallet that isnt a lovely cats one
  • art :b:upplies
  • food
  • cool physical mangas my friends throw me ur recommendations
  • games (but bls dont spend alot of money on them cause i'll love ur gift no matter what it is)
  • on sale amiibos
  • amweican bweakfast ceweal


apr 17 2018 ∞
dec 19 2018 +