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hey there! my name is lucas! i'm 17 and i'm a soft boi who has a weird interest for very very obscure video games. i'm also brazilian, bi, and have autism (actually aspergers) and social anxiety.

i sometimes (try to) draw, make dumb videos, program (mostly fan) games and remix music! (I just can't compose anything original...) and i like to do The Funnies™

i'm also pretty chill with pretty much anything, so don't worry about negative opinions, because I barely have any!

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these are just the fictional characters i like or identify with the most

(not "kin stuff" dont worry lol)

  • Rover (Animal Crossing)
  • Bob (Animal Crossing)
  • Punchy (Animal Crossing)
  • Ankha (Animal Crossing)
  • Villager (Animal Crossing)
  • Tom Nook (Animal Crossing)
  • Pepper Roni (LEGO Island)
  • The Infomaniac (LEGO Island)
  • Rocket Racer (LEGO Racers)
  • Mario (Super Mario)
  • Luigi (Super Mario)
  • Waluigi (Super Mario)
  • Toad (Super Mario)
  • Tails (Sonic the Hedgehog)
  • Komasan (Yo-kai Watch)
  • Jibanyan (Yo-kai Watch)
  • Niko (OneShot)
  • Prototype Prophetbot (OneShot)
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if you'd like to support me in any way for some reason, my art commissions are opened though it's not that good tbh but if you want to... and I also have a Patreon. as you saw before I like making many things like video editing and programming, and it would be a nice way to support my work. There's also the following things that you should check out

  • Redbubble
  • Shapeways (very underrated store, but they're really cool!! they print 3d models!!)
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these are things i like the most!

all-time favorite interests:

  • homestar runner
  • nintendo (mario, kirby, mother series)
  • yo-kai watch
  • cave story
  • lego island

other interests (italic = current interests):

  • oneshot
  • robot jones
  • sonic
  • pokémon
  • closing logos (very odd interest, I know)
  • harvey beaks
  • the amazing world of gumball
  • minecraft (shut up)
  • undertale
  • my little pony (shut up²)
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  • @NindendoAmerica
  • @InactiveAccnts
  • @lu9bot
  • @TheDitherMan
  • @SilviaCompanies
  • @revolttxtbot
  • @LEGO_Island_2


  • @donnald_alves
  • @UberOpinionREAL
  • @DilmaBot
  • @thank4tipgeorge
  • @Ongo_JJ
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Danke für den Tipp, George!

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my best friends! check them out!

  • Amber: @Famulator64
  • Migghty: @Migghty_
  • Nat: @banjo3hreeie
  • Poke-y: @ppoke_y
  • Dom: @Dom000000
  • Mackenzie: @FelixyFlakes
  • Massacote: @Massacote_Pika
  • Diddy: @UnknownKongYT
  • Nopeful: @Nopeful_
  • CharaGunner: @CharaGunner
  • Ash: @AlolanLuigi
  • Kaleb: @gayfurrycat
  • Kanef: @floatpointnever
  • Milk: @HeckinMilk
  • Bápo: @baponumnum
  • Carson: @thesonofcar13
  • Pedro Leite: @PredoLeite
  • Jake: @worldofjake2012

Tell me if u wanna be added here!

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it is probably better not following me if you:

  • constantly talk and post about political opinions (OK as jokes, but i probably won't pay attention)
  • related to the above, constantly use the terms "nazi", "white/black/whatever supremacist/nationalist/whatever", or pretty much anything involving any race or gender in a negative way
  • i could care less about anything like "X is better than Y", "Y should die", "X is oppressed", etc. all i really want is peace between everyone ;^;

these things make me really uncomfortable.

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my private account is where i vent about my problems and anxieties in life. feel free to follow although i mostly only accept mutuals

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as a brazilian who can't afford pretty much anything these are the things i'm currently looking for i know this is very dumb but whatevr lol

  • Plushies of fav characters
  • GPD XD/Win
  • Nintendo 3DS
  • Nintendo Switch (maybe)
  • Party Time with Winnie The Pooh PC Version (for and data ripping purposes)
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