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this is not really any major stuff, but just in case. it is probably better not following me if you:

  • regularly talk about politics and/or political opinions (this is just a suggestion... you could still follow me, but i won't care about anything related to politics...)
  • are an asshole in general. (i.e. racist, homo/transphobic, etc.) this also applies to those that are assholes towards the "opposites". (white, cis, hetero, etc.) so basically, no negativity from any side for that matter. let's live in peace, shall we?
  • related to the above, i know this term is very washed out already but basically if you do anything "sjw" related
  • support cringe culture (making fun of people because of whatever they like to watch/play/whatever)
  • use "autism/autistic" as an insult or to be "edgy"

Thank you for reading!

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