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70's baby stuck in the body of a 90's baby.

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Hey folks, I'm Nefertiti King.

A 24 year old black illustrator, college dropout, activist, blogger, and aspiring sci-fi comic writer.

Born, raised and living in The Bronx. Doing random stuff to stay afloat and get my art career off the ground.

I'm genderfluid with they/them pronouns. I'm also legally disabled with illnesses that keep me bed-ridden and affect my creative workflow. I do what I can when my health allows.

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Twitter content

  • Positivity, awareness and activism for the LGBT+ community, people of color, sex workers, fat, and disabled individuals.
  • art inspiration
  • personal vents & unfiltered thoughts
  • anthro characters, aliens and various monsters

(Be prepared for news and politics. If you don't care for that, I suggest not following.)

(I occasionally interact with semi-NSFW content, be it likes or retweets. Although I try not to go overboard, this is just a heads up for folks under 18 or professional folks who might want to follow my personal Twitter.)

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