Other accs:

  • Private acc @cowhybridAU (I'm picky with requests)
  • Locked/nsfw @analwithkacchan (I accept all requests)

Other info

  • my names Olivia and I'm 18.
  • Small warning: my acc is nsfw and would prefer if minors didn't follow.
  • I'm very rt/tweet heavy so I may clog up your TL
  • Main interests are boku no hero academia, the idolm@ster, hunter x hunter.

Fave characters:

  • syoko hoshi (the idolmaster)
  • bakugou katsuki (bnha)
  • midoriya izuku (bnha)
  • killua zoldyck (hxh)
  • todoroki shouto (bnha)
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may 29 2018 +