ioona / marissa

hey what's up famsquad welcome to my new house tour

  • female (she-they), femme lesbian
  • 1/2 central alaskan yupik, 1/2 white
  • leo, aries rising
  • from washington dc
  • hufflepuff | enfp-t | chaotic neutral
  • i speak english and spanish fluently, working on my yup'ik
  • i want to be a therapist/social worker, that sort of deal,, idk i just like helping people
  • i have an mc1r mutation, basically my 16th chromosome fucked up and refuses to produce melanin

my current interests! | about my autobio

aug 26 2017 ∞
mar 5 2018 +
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2.10.18 published a youtube video for the first time • neighbors moved out very suddenly without telling anyone. I wonder why • leftover radiatori still was good • rained all day • watched a police chase from my window

2.11.18 a dog lied down in the middle of the road as soon as he (she?)saw mine. It was adorable • making lo-fi playlists • studying for math test tomorrow • construction noises • rained all day, again

2.12.18 woke up at 4:30 for no reason • rained, again • great comet of 1812 • thank you kahn academy & quizlet • saw a guest speaker today, thought her tying song lyrics into her speech was cool

2.13.18 finally broke out a notebook & replaced my folder that broke earlier • jenny nicholson • didn't rain today! • 42 degrees, got yelled at for not being cold • read someone's name as 'arraa', thought their name was 'that's enough'

feb 21 2017 ∞
mar 21 2018 +