― all you need to do for this is write five things. these can be peoples names, places, emotions, a film title, song title, band, anything that sums up your day. do it each day on your listography for a year.

start date: 01.01 | best days are marked with ★

— january

    • 01.01: feeling hopeful, dinner with family, the message, high self esteem, supermoon
    • 02.01: rainy day, lasagna, headache, anxious, bored
    • 03.01: in love with italy, beautiful sunset, nice weather, cmbyn soundtrack, puppy
    • 04.01: stressed, anxious, worried because i can't control everything, wanted to punch a wall, basically feeling like trash
    • 05.01: woke up with rain sounds, felt a little more controlled, cried a bit (i think it's my period coming), chocolate, rainy day
    • 06.01: sleept with rain sound, missing him, made pancakes with my sister, late talk with mom, watched the new episode of x-files and i'm so fucking pissed
    • 07.01: started skam, i'm in love with noora sætre, golden globes, saoirse ronan winning best actress and lady bird best movie on the golden globes, sebastian stan being shy, oprah speech ★
    • 08.01: basically the worst day of the year until now, anxious, depressed, stressed, missing him, i need to go back to gyn URGENTLY
    • 09.01: cooked after a long time and it make me feel a little better, literally no sense of time, angst, I FUCKING LOVE SKAM and i'm very mad with myself for not seeing it early, "everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about it. be kind. always."
    • 10.01: feeling better, favorite food at lunch, kitties, skam marathon, i love noora and william together
    • 11.01: i'm get really mad about all the situation at gda, but then the chankai live make me feel better again, exo wearing jeans, felt a little worried about my kitty but she is alright now, ugh i'm feeling so fucking angry and anguished because of skam
    • 12.01: kyungsoo day, super leader hyung, nice weather, movie with my sister, anxious
    • 13.01: watched the florida project and cried my ass off, purple aesthetic, I FUCKING LOVE DANA SCULLY, eletric kiss dance practice, chanyeol being impossibly cute on his instagram's live
    • 14.01: cold, all day with sweatshirt, made my nails with a beautiful blue polish, jongin day, no anxiety crisis ★
    • 15.01: headache, woke up late, kim bears, jendeukie day, no anxiety crisis
    • 16.01: after two days without any episode my anxiety crisis are back, scared af, upset stomach, cramps, exo having the time of their lifes in dubay and 'i'm proud of hyung too" (the only good things in this terrible day)
    • 17.01: bad dreams, a fucking rhinitis crisis in the middle of summer, headache, synthwave, longing
    • 18.01: stressful, nostalgia, talk about the universe by the native architects, choque de cultura, wherever we are we are one
    • 19.01: rian johnson slaying sexist fanboys on twitter, chat with grandpa about history, cooking, taeten on vlive, no anxiety crisis
    • 20.01: sehun making a live with vivi, kitties, warm day, headache, feeling anxious
    • 21.01: anxious, watched kpops mvs and felt a little better, reboot by wonder girls, really hot day, worried about college
dec 29 2017 ∞
jan 22 2018 +