• Kardashians: Antagonists in next Star Trek series
  • Mashup of Salt-N-Pepa's "Let's Talk About Sex Baby" and Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe": "Call Me and Let's Talk About Sex, Maybe"
    • as a tool for sex ed classes to get kids talking about sex and relationships and why communication is so important in both
      • and maybe they also throw something in about the legal consequences of underage sexting

and that did happen

  • Lt. Uhura recruited Sally Ride to NASA
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user picture Sam: rothgors: minions of voldemort in harry potter 8 dec 17 2010
user picture maura: Maybe the Kardashians already are an alien race. Look at how they dress with all the shoulder pads, and one sleeves and monotone! dec 21 2010