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this is not really any major stuff, but just in case. some things you should know about before following.

  • politics/political discussion and overall discourse makes me uncomfortable (not a requirement but, if you can, tag politics, please)
  • don't follow if you support cringe culture (making fun of people because of whatever they like to watch/play/whatever)
  • don't follow if you legit use "autism/autistic" as an insult or to be "edgy"
  • don't follow if you're racist, homo/transphobic, etc. but ALSO if you diss white, cis, hetero, etc. basically don't follow if you're an asshole and constantly (re)tweet about discourse. (also if you are literally a self-proclaimed SJW) this is a profile of absolute peace between each and everyone
  • i apologize in advance if i have a hard time replying, or if i get somewhat annoyed!! socializing is hard

Thank you for reading!

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