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this is a listography for star empire entertainment's boy group, IMFACT. here you will find all the information you'll need to know about them. | updated: 180815

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IMFACT follows:
oh my girl members (binnie)
SNUPER list (covering other groups)
videos (blossom era)
list (idol interactions)
videos (variety + reality shows)
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"THE LIGHT": single digital

release date: april 17th 2018

concept pictures: (group 1.2.) jian, jeup, taeho, sang, ungjae

video teasers: m/v teaser - jian, jeup, taeho, sang, ungjae

m/v making - m/v reaction - photoshoot bts - (dance practice

apr 19 2018 ∞
apr 29 2018 +