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this is a listography for evermore music's first ever ballad quartet, VOISPER. all information you'll need to know about them will be listed and updated here! | last updated: 170225 (PST)

VOISPER follows:
ROMEO list (other idols dancing/singing to romeo)
SNUPER list (covering other groups)
videos (blossom era)
list (idol interactions)
videos (variety + reality shows)
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  • VOISPER is a four-member ballad group signed under Evermore Music in late 2015
  • The group consists of Kwangho, Kangsan, Daekwang, and Chungki
  • All four boys are 96liners and were good high school friends; they formed their own quartet called B.I.C19 and participated in Super Star K6 in 2014 before signing with their label
  • Their official debut was on February 23rd @ The Show, where they performed "In Your Voice", which was later digitally released on March 2nd
  • Their group name is a combination of the words "voice" and "whisper", meaning they want to be able to bring angelic voices to their fans
  • They were given friendship rings and matching socks from their fans so they could stay together forever
  • There is currently no fanclub name as of yet
  • Sleeping arrangements are believed to be that they all share the same room togethe...
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  • Most of the information you see here is taken directly from Voisper's SNS accounts, various news articles, and any interviews that the boys have done. Sources are linked or cited if possible.
  • I do not run any official Voisper fanpages or accounts so any other facts and info you see here is what i have absorbed from watching their videos and shows. I am no different than you are as a fan, therefore if you find any glaring mistakes or broken links then feel free to let me know!
  • Please message me if you have any questions about the boys or the formatting of this website! You can view the masterlist here
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VOICE + WHISPER: 1st mini album

Release Date: November 18th, 2016

Voisper announced their comeback on November 8th, posting concept teaser photos and an official tracklist of their first mini album on their SNS accounts. It is noted that Kangsan participated in the making of the 3rd track, "Like the Moon and Stars". An additional news article released a behind-the-scenes photo of the members filming their scenes for the music video. The release date is set to be the 18th of November.

Teaser Photos: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | MV Teaser: 1 | MV Making Film: 1 | Jacket Making Film: 1

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  • 160301: OT4 took a photo with San E
  • 160301: OT4 took a photo with Eddy Kim
  • 160313: Snuper bowed to Voisper at the back of the stage at Inkigayo ending
  • 160316: OT4 took a photo with Lunafly's Sam Carter
  • 160517: OT4 took a photo with label-mate Jung Dong Ha
  • 160524: OT4 took a photo with label-mate Basterd
  • 160612: OT4 took a photo with 10cm
  • 160612: OT4 took a photo with MAMAMOO
  • 160702: OT4 took a photo with label-mate Jung Dong Ha
  • 160714: Snuper bowed to Voisper as they were walking off the stage at M! Countdown ending
  • 160808: OT4 took a photo with label-mate Kim Bada and Basterd
  • 160814: OT4 performed at a Hongdae busking event with Unicorn
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  • act in a drama/movie
  • appear in a commercial
  • appear in another group's music video
  • appear on major variety shows (i.e. weekly idol, running man, etc)
  • be acknowledged (in any sort of way, i guess)
    • 160617: voisper reached 2nd in the search engines for daum naver following their release of "summer cold"!
    • 161206: three search terms related to voisper trended on naver's search engines
    • 170225: voisper trended 1st in search engines following their performance on immortal songs
  • be in a musical
  • become close friends with other idols
  • compose songs for one of their albums
  • fanboy over other idols
  • feature in another artist's song
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