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This is a listography for WidMay entertainment's first ever boy group, SNUPER. All information you'll need to know about them will be updated here! | Last Updated: 180707 (PST)

SNUPER follows:
ROMEO list (other idols dancing/singing to romeo)
to do
drama (a touch on your cheek)


A diary-like series consisting of 11 episodes during Shall We era! The videos are fairly short and give quick insight on the member's daily activities and promotions leading up to debut. Complete playlist can be found here.


A YouTube self cam series documenting the busy lives of the boys as they carry on with promotions! Each comeback/promotion cycle/era has it's own season. V App is only subbing the self cams from You=Heaven era (aka Season 03) and onward since Seasons 01 and 02 were filmed and posted before Snuper got a V App channel. Complete playlist can be found here.


A mini variety series that was hosted on the V App through the IDOL x IDOL channel for four consecutive weeks. From answering fan's questions to revealing their dorms to becoming chefs in the kitchen, you're sure to learn more than enough about the members and their personalities and charms. Each episode is approximately 45-60 minutes long and was aired from 160103 to 160124.


A short variety series hosted by MBC during the end of Shall We promotions! Each episode is around 30min long and is centered around granting the wishes of their Korean fans. They carry out various missions and activities, as well as hinting for preparations of a comeback in the final episode. The series aired from 160126 to 160223. Previews: 01 | 02


After featuring on the IDOL x IDOL channel earlier in the year, Snuper was finally able to open their own individual channel where they can go live for the fans whenever they please! Hopefully this means more frequent and longer broadcasts. You can chat with other Swings in the channel chatbox as well as keep up with their broadcast schedule by checking the calendar! Most videos will have subs, but you must be patient because unfortunately, V App prioritizes adding subs for bigger groups first.

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