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  • Name: 02
  • Role: fictive of the character from Kirby 64, depressive alter.
  • Age: ageless
  • Gender: genderdead
  • Pronouns: it/its
  • Sexuality: ???
  • Illnesses: ???
  • Existed Since: the body was 21
  • Fronts: co-fronts on rare occasions
  • Personality: Its personality is mostly based off fan theories. May or may not be the dead/demon/fallen angel/reincarnation of Zero from Kirby's Dream Land 3 (this fact is neither confirmed nor denied in canon or by the creators).
  • Kin: fallen angelkin, voidkin
  • Blog: None yet
  • Tags posts with: -Zero/-ゼロツー
  • Status: Mostly Inactive
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may 21 2018 +