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feb 21 2018 +

don't follow if (i will block on sight):

  • you're homophobic, transphobic, biphobic, panphobic, enbyphobic, aphobic, etc.
  • you're a map, pedophile, or apologist.
  • you're a ddlg/cgl/etc blog.
  • your blog is all or mostly nsfw (jokes and occasional posts are fine).
  • you're a terf/twerf/etc.
  • you use "triggered" as a joke.
  • you say any nasty slurs and don't have the right to reclaim them.
  • you bully vegans for just freaking existing.
  • you're an animal or child abuser/think spanking is okay.
  • your name is dj.
  • you're a rapist or rape apologist.
  • you're racist, sexist, fatphobic, ableist, etc.
  • you're republican or conservative, and/or support trump.
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feb 24 2018 +

please tag these things for me. bolded are the most important and send me into panic attacks and such. unbolded aren't as important, but would still mean a lot if you tagged.

  • mentions of abusive fathers
  • mentions and pictures of snowy/icy roads
  • pictures of spiders/tarantulas and centipedes
  • pictures of big snakes (little snakes are fine, i actually find those cute)
  • mentions of going to hell and the devil (in a non-joking manner)
  • hate against madoka kaname and mentions of madohomu being abusive
  • chain mail
  • pictures and mentions of houses on fire
  • the name dj (full house/fuller house dj is the only exception)
  • hate against cats, cat injury/illness, cat death (all animal death tagged would be apprec...
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