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come closer if you dare, baby.

ana follows:
  • analia ivanna. "ana."
  • 1995/09/22.
  • virgo/libra cusp.
  • 163cm.
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  • strengths
    • ambitious
    • encouraging
    • strong
    • adaptable
  • weaknesses
    • self-indulgent
    • emotional
    • stubborn
    • fickle
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  • gmt-5, EST.
  • third person, literate.
  • rated and non-rated plots.
  • plotting is always a plus.
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Ana is quiet and timid at first glance, but she has always been quite the greedy girl.

She cut ties with her family very early on after experiencing a disastrous childhood. Since then, her middle name became her surname as she learned to rely on herself for her own security and happiness.

Ambitious and young, she wanders airily, making her ends meet by taking on odd jobs, motivated by the satisfying feeling of knowing that she will eventually have whatever it is that she wants.

You will occasionally find her humming and strolling away with her trusty camera, snapping shots of anything that captivates her. She seems like an ordinary girl from the outside, but as you get to know her, you may find yourself discovering more and more of her secrets…

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For years, Ana has been fighting her alcohol addiction, so much that she can finally call herself a non-addict. Since she battled hard to prevent herself from falling into her temptations again, she presently enjoys alcohol whenever she likes.

Unfortunately, she hasn't been able to do the same thing with her habit of sleeping with others. She has found herself coming back to her vice over and over again; during times of stress, and even during times of relief.

After all, sex had no meaning to her. To Ana, it was just another way to have fun; it was just another drink, another cigarette, another way for her to numb the pain temporarily.

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  • languages
    • fluent — korean, japanese, english
    • advanced — chinese, spanish
    • conversational — french, italian


  • alcohol
  • casual sex

notable occupations.

  • bartender
  • photography teacher
  • dealer
  • escort


  • behind right ear: fluttering purple butterfly
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