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I'm Tommy and I live and breathe Akechi Goro. Probably the biggest Goroboy.

tommy follows:
  • I love Goro Akechi more than myself
  • I'm an emotional mess
  • He/him only please! (i'm a trans boy)
  • 16
  • I've played Persona 3/4/5 so you'll see that a lot
  • I play Overwatch, Animal Crossing, TLOU, Uncharted, Danganronpa and, like, all of those P4 spinoffs lmao
  • INTJ
  • Lawful Evil (LMAO)
  • I draw a lot
  • I'm a Mercy/Tracer/McCree main if you wanted to know I guess
  • I love Goro Akechi
  • Sometimes Aidorus like Bandori, CG & Million Live & SIF. Not too big on any of them but you'll see it. Mostly Persona.
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aug 13 2017 +
  • I rarely EVER follow people back out of pure laziness, don't get offended
  • I post about P3/4/5, Naughty Dog and video games in general, if you came here for aidorus Do I Have News For You
  • I love Akechi Goro (and my gf Bri)
  • If you have questions don't hesitate to to ask or if you wanna be friends don't hesitate to talk to me.
  • Lastly don't follow if you kin cos.., I don't have a liking for them
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