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(any kpop shipping I do is very casual! at the end of the day I understand that they're real people and to respect their privacy!!!)

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aug 16 2017 +

☆彡17 years old ☆彡she/her pronouns! ☆彡half-haitian!!! ☆彡pansexual, demiromantic, nonbinary ☆彡anxiety, depression, & ocd ☆彡I play guitar, bass, and piano! ☆彡I'm a black belt in tae kwon do! ☆彡I fence and run cross country! ☆彡I love dogs so much!!! ☆彡I love to draw, read, write, paint, and play/listen to music! ☆彡dm me if you want to read any of my stuff on wattpad and ao3!!!

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aug 12 2017 +
  • cartoons!!! favs are voltron, steven universe, adventure time, rick and morty, bojack horseman, gravity falls, and star vs. the forces of evil
  • kpop!!! my bias group is exo, but I also love bts, red velvet, mamamoo, black pink, fx, seventeen, nct, CL, 2ne1, snsd, got7, dreamcatcher, and ailee
  • movies!!! some favs are hidden figures, moonrise kingdom, rocky horror, breakfast club, princess bride, ratatouille, mulan, princess and the frog, black swan, etc.!!!
  • ghibli movies!!! favs are spirited away, ponyo, totoro, and whisper of the heart
  • anime!!! a couple favs are ouran hshc, hetalia, your lie in april, deadman wonderland, yuri on ice, dragon maid, danganronpa, watamote, and nichijou haha
  • tv shows!!! favs are game of thrones, breaking bad, veep, better call saul, parks ...
aug 4 2017 ∞
aug 16 2017 +
  • chanyeol from exo
  • j-hope and jimin from bts (don't @ me I really love them both)
  • minghao/the8 from seventeen
  • jaemin from nct dream and winwin from nct127!
  • yeri from red velvet
  • lisa from blackpink
  • hwasa from mamamoo
  • amber from fx!
aug 13 2017 ∞
aug 13 2017 +
  • all the paladins of voltron + allura and coran!!! I have a big soft spot for lance, keith, and hunk and I'm a big fan of allura!!!
  • armin from snk (I don't really watch anymore but I still love the characters!
  • garnet, amethyst, pearl, lapis, peridot, lars, sadie, and kiki from su!!!
  • marceline, pb, finn, jake, bmo, flame princess, lady, and lsp from adventure time!
  • gus and mike from breaking bad/better call saul!
  • dany, jon, tyrion, arya, brienne, and yara from game of thrones!
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aug 16 2017 +
  • don't follow if racist, homophobic, transphobic, etc. intolerant in any way!!! I don't want that!!!
  • i am anti-shaladin, anti-ereri, anti-any ship this pedophilia or incest or anything like that so keep that away from me
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