• First and foremost, if you recognize any of the pictures used for this account, yeah. I own the other account that uses the same pictures. No one is stealing anything. Everyone can relax.
  • Anyway, let me talk a bit about myself and what I prefer when it comes to RP.
    • The ones in bold are most important for you to remember for me.
  • This account has some relations to Moirai (@tempezure) in regards to ancestry and family ties. So that character will be referenced now and again.
    • (Along with other OCs, but that doesn't matter as much to you all.)
  • I'm not new to this at all. I've been RPing for so damn long on so many different sites it's ridiculous.
  • Timeline flexible.
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  • Name: Nova Caesitas
  • Nicknames: Nov, Little Star
  • Birthday: January 22 (Aquarius)
  • Age: 25 (can change depending on timeline)
  • Sexuality: Asexual
    • Is okay with some sex, unlike some other asexuals. It just depends.
  • Romantic orientation: Aromantic
  • Gender: Agender
    • Really isn't a big fan of feminine titles used with her.
  • Pronouns: she/they
  • Height: 5'10"/178cm
  • Eye color: Violet-blue
  • Hair color: Light brown
    • Prefers having it dyed blue with purple ends.
    • Sometimes she lets the roots grow out.
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  • FF15 Backstory
    • Nova's main backstory that I typically stick to.
  • FF12 Backstory
    • Typically this will probably be relevant in SLs, should I ever RP with FF12 RPers that I tell about this backstory I have set up.
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  • (Bio listed next to Nova's icon. Will make changes now and again .)
  • Knows a bit about her family heritage, since she remembers a couple of things about her birth parents.
    • At some point, Moirai did confront her about it. It was an awkward conversation besides heartwarming.
  • Despite becoming Crownsguard, she's friends with a few of the Kingsglaive members as well. Two of them are her best friends.
  • Cor sorta took her under his wing, especially when she became ambitious and driven with her combat training.
  • Took ballet as a child. It helped with her combat training later on, in truth.
  • Is not a dragoon, but she's been given some dragoon training. (Oops.) She's not the best at it like a certain dragoon, but she tries.
  • Her magic can easily react to her emotion...
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