• (Bio listed next to Nova's icon. Will make changes now and again.)
  • Knows a bit about her family heritage, since she remembers a couple of things about her birth parents.
    • At some point, Moirai did confront her about it. It was an awkward conversation besides heartwarming.
  • Despite becoming Crownsguard, she's friends with a few of the Kingsglaive members as well. Two of them are her best friends.
  • Cor sorta took her under his wing, especially when she became ambitious and driven with her combat training.
  • Took ballet as a child. It helped with her combat training later on, in truth.
  • Is not a dragoon, but she's been given some dragoon training. (Oops.) She's not the best at it like a certain dragoon, but she tries.
  • Her magic can easily react to her emotions at times, and it's hurt some people, so she tries to be careful and not show/feel too much emotion. It's just how she grew up.
  • When Insomnia fell, she was out in the field. She had no idea what happened or how it happened until later.
  • Bumps into the boys at some point along the road after some error of someone not notifying the chocobros the hunt they were on had already been taken by Nova.
  • [There's plenty more but this is all I've got for now. If you have any questions, feel free to DM me! We can always work something out for RP.]
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