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A slacker who do draw, translation and gaming.

Azteriot follows:
  • Age 2x
  • Born in a certain country in Southeast Asia, willing to move out from there
  • Know Japanese as third language, Thai as native
  • Believe or not I'm natural Thai but I do not know about my country that well
  • Using half-formal language in Japanese and trying to say 私 in masculine way as much as possible but gdi
  • Oh yes, I'm physically "female" to you *normal humans* but I don't have those things in my head though
  • Good in comparison with objects than using words to explain something, I'm sorry, sorry.
  • I really can't understand people in general but trying to do so (see "notes")
  • Actually don't mind in explaining personal problems but prefer the person to notice them from checking notes (I like smart ...
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