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"ayo suga,
do you remember when we came here three years ago?
when you and i were always at each others' necks,
the walls, bathroom tiles, and veranda were all colored blue."

dee follows:
  • junew (renai prism au) | i'll colour you mine

and you'd think he'd be upset, or jealous, because juyeon has everything chanhee doesn't. he's handsome, class president, captain of the basketball team, and ranks in the top five of the grade every exam season /all at once/. but chanhee sees in colours, and juyeon's green-- a lush, translucent emerald, deep enough to dive into-- is the most beautiful thing hes ever seen.

nothing could make him turn away.


plot: when he's five years old and on a stroll with his mother, chanhee tells one of the neighbours that she's submerged in a 'murky, brown' aura and asks her if there's something wrong with the conversation they're having. by the look on her face when it fell (and chanhee may have been five, but he was cognizant, for a five year old, at least) perhaps he should not have said something after all. appalled by chanhee's behaviour, rumors begin sprouting about how mrs. choi doesn't know how to raise her son.

as years passed, and he began to understand what the colours meant, he chose to keep quiet, keeping this "superpower" to himself so that he could do no more harm by reading those around him too well. and maybe it was difficult, but with time, chanhee absorbed the emotions around him before easily spitting them out, learning how to navigate himself around others whose faces may have read one thing but auras may have screamed otherwise. he makes friends easily, meets changmin and sunwoo and kevin. he keeps himself in check, making sure to stay pleasant (it's not too hard, he's incapable of being snarky, he's nothing like jaehyun) for the sake of the people around him. he wants to make his mother proud; he gets along well with his hyung. he isn't the best student, but he does well in school-- math is his top subject, and he passes with flying colours in every exam-- and he involves himself in minimal extracurriculars, choosing instead to adopt a part-time job at a cafe that exudes an aura that tends to not only his needs, but the patrons that inhabit it.

chanhee has always known of juyeon, as has everyone-- he's the school's shining star, a beacon of light seen from miles away by anyone in his vicinity. but chanhee sees him differently; a brilliant emerald green, that seems to shine almost inhumanely, slightly translucent and seemingly never-changing. he'd be lying if he said that looking at juyeon wasn't a treat-- he calls him 'eye candy' as a joke, for reasons his friends think they understand (though really, they don't, and maybe never will). but when changmin asks chanhee to take his place at a student council meeting, chanhee sees juyeon's colours change for the first time, and it's as soon as their eyes meet.

it takes two stand-ins on changmin's behalf to finally muster up the courage to ask juyeon what's up, why he keeps rebutting chanhee's every word. 'if you have an issue with me, you can say it to my face and we can talk it out. don't act as if you know what i'm thinking...!'

ideas: sports, chanhee's older bro "hyung, what do you do when you can't figure out if someone you really care about likes you or hates you" "chanhee-ya you're in high school", the tattoo & blonde hair ("i want everyone to see me for a colour, even if it isn't the way i see them"), hello kitty, class overnight excursions and first confessions under the stars, juyeon's basketball shorts, 'you think you know so much about others because you can see their colours but have you ever thought of your own? chanhee, i may not have this superpower of yours, but i bet that your colour is just as beautiful as you say mine is. and i know i'm not the only one that feels this way. if it means anything, you're the most beautiful colour i've ever seen.'


they're sitting in the library, opposite each other. chanhee has his textbooks open up before him, glasses perched on his nosebridge, and is gnawing at his bottom lip as he tries to solve a problem. juyeon, resting his chin in his hand, tilts his head and smiles as he watches chanhee, learns his habits and quirks. the way he rubs at the space between his eyes using the knobs of his fingers, the way he picks at the dry skin on his lips before stopping himself, licking away his wounds. he can't stop the chuckle that escapes his lips, and chanhee looks up at him almost immediately.


"nothing. just thinking about something." chanhee sets down his pencil and folds his arms on the desk table, leaning towards juyeon.

"tell me. it has to do with me, doesn't it?"

"i don't know, choi chanhee, does the world revolve around you?" juyeon quips, and lets out a quiet chuckle when chanhee's jaw drops open in an act of false offense.

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