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"ayo suga,
do you remember when we came here three years ago?
when you and i were always at each others' necks,
the walls, bathroom tiles, and veranda were all colored blue."

dee follows:
  • junew (renai prism au) | i'll colour you mine

and you'd think he'd be upset, or jealous, because juyeon has everything chanhee doesn't. he's handsome, class president, captain of the basketball team, and ranks in the top five of the grade every exam season /all at once/. but chanhee sees in colours, and juyeon's green-- a lush, translucent emerald, deep enough to dive into-- is the most beautiful thing hes ever seen.

nothing could make him turn away.


plot: when he's five years old and on a stroll with his mother, chanhee tells one of the neighbours that she's submerged in a 'murky, brown' aura and asks her if there's something wrong with the conversation they're having. by the look on her face when it fell (and chanhee may have been five, but he was cognizant, for a five year old, at least) perhaps he should not have said something after all. appalled by chanhee's behaviour, rumors begin sprouting about how mrs. choi doesn't know how to raise her son.

as years passed, and he began to understand what the colours meant, he chose to keep quiet, keeping this "superpower" to himself so that he could do no more harm by reading those around him too well. and maybe it was difficult, but with time, chanhee absorbed the emotions around him before easily spitting them out, learning how to navigate himself around others whose faces may have read one thing but auras may have screamed otherwise. he makes friends easily, meets changmin and sunwoo and kevin. he keeps himself in check, making sure to stay pleasant (it's not too hard, he's incapable of being snarky, he's nothing like jaehyun) for the sake of the people around him. he wants to make his mother proud; he gets along well with his hyung. he isn't the best student, but he does well in school-- math is his top subject, and he passes with flying colours in every exam-- and he involves himself in minimal extracurriculars, choosing instead to adopt a part-time job at a cafe that exudes an aura that tends to not only his needs, but the patrons that inhabit it.

chanhee has always known of juyeon, as has everyone-- he's the school's shining star, a beacon of light seen from miles away by anyone in his vicinity. but chanhee sees him differently; a brilliant emerald green, that seems to shine almost inhumanely, slightly translucent and seemingly never-changing. he'd be lying if he said that looking at juyeon wasn't a treat-- he calls him 'eye candy' as a joke, for reasons his friends think they understand (though really, they don't, and maybe never will). but when changmin asks chanhee to take his place at a student council meeting, chanhee sees juyeon's colours change for the first time, and it's as soon as their eyes meet.

it takes two stand-ins on changmin's behalf to finally muster up the courage to ask juyeon what's up, why he keeps rebutting chanhee's every word. 'if you have an issue with me, you can say it to my face and we can talk it out. don't act as if you know what i'm thinking...!'

ideas: sports, chanhee's older bro "hyung, what do you do when you can't figure out if someone you really care about likes you or hates you" "chanhee-ya you're in high school", the tattoo & blonde hair ("i want everyone to see me for a colour, even if it isn't the way i see them"), hello kitty, class overnight excursions and first confessions under the stars, juyeon's basketball shorts, 'you think you know so much about others because you can see their colours but have you ever thought of your own? chanhee, i may not have this superpower of yours, but i bet that your colour is just as beautiful as you say mine is. and i know i'm not the only one that feels this way. if it means anything, you're the most beautiful colour i've ever seen.'


they're sitting in the library, opposite each other. chanhee has his textbooks open up before him, glasses perched on his nosebridge, and is gnawing at his bottom lip as he tries to solve a problem. juyeon, resting his chin in his hand, tilts his head and smiles as he watches chanhee, learns his habits and quirks. the way he rubs at the space between his eyes using the knobs of his fingers, the way he picks at the dry skin on his lips before stopping himself, licking away his wounds. he can't stop the chuckle that escapes his lips, and chanhee looks up at him almost immediately.


"nothing. just thinking about something." chanhee sets down his pencil and folds his arms on the desk table, leaning towards juyeon.

"tell me. it has to do with me, doesn't it?"

"i don't know, choi chanhee, does the world revolve around you?" juyeon quips, and lets out a quiet chuckle when chanhee's jaw drops open in an act of false offense.


  • take the dive ; junew

juyeon finds himself in jeonju for the summer, and meets a boy with translucent hair and paper skin and a voice like wine.

“the sun, dipping under the horizon bringing in the summer nights we’d quietly sit and watch upon that were just as short as the time we spent together.”

yang da il, wendy “one summer”

jeonju is quiet, and yet, not at all. the wind seems to whisper as it passes through the grooves of the countless giwa that line its old streets, blowing strands of his hair into juyeon’s eyes as he treks towards his new home for the summer. smartphone in hand, he navigates the maze-like twists and turns of the neighbourhood until he happens upon a large wooden gate, with little to show for itself except for a small carving at the centre of each door that poses as a window into the courtyard it conceals from the street.


ideas: younghoon the hanok’s caretaker’s son, who also studies in seoul, is surprisingly his age; chanhee, who first catches juyeon’s eye in a bookstore, who awkwardly scrambles away immediately after; three random encounters later-- juyeon realises, jeonju is much smaller than it seems-- chanhee asks ‘aren’t you from seoul? why would you ever come here?’ ; chanhee, drunk on makgeolli, stumbles his way into juyeon’s guestroom while mumbling nonsense in satoori, tucks himself into the futon spread onto the floor, and juyeon can’t help but let him take it, slides warily into the space behind him, and wakes up with his legs tangled in chanhee’s and an arm around his waist ; the ocean is two hours away by train: they board a train-car that rustles as it runs along the old tracks that lead towards the beach: when the horizon comes into view, chanhee stumbles onto his knees, fogging up the glass between them and the outside world as they approach the expanse of blue ; sinking his toes into the sand, waves pushing and pulling against their ankles, the sun having just set, leaving the sky a warm purple, and chanhee turns to juyeon, looks him dead in the eye, and reaches behind his neck, pulling him into a kiss as the sky darkens, darkens, and leaves them bathed in dark blue.


there’s no finality, no “i’ll see you again,” or “please come visit”. chanhee doesn’t follow him onto the train platform, instead, stands outside, hands clasped behind his back, tongue bitten behind closed teeth in hopes that it’ll hide his disappointment. juyeon smirks when he notices that chanhee’s lips are still rosy from earlier that morning, when they woke up and all chanhee could do was climb over him and kiss, suck, tug, until the clock struck nine-thirty and it was time to leave.

juyeon smiles apologetically when chanhee opens his mouth to say something, then closes it, then does it again. rinse and repeat, as it has been for the past thirty minutes since they bid farewell to younghoon’s father, walking lazily through the summer haze towards the train station that would take juyeon back to seoul. he doesn’t want to force him to say anything, as much as his feels like his heartstrings are tugging, nagging at him, for an answer. juyeon’s in the exact same place: he just doesn’t know what to say. he's about to turn to leave, say "thank you" (thank you, but for what? for an unforgettable summer fling. for setting me back on track. for making this worthwhile), but as he's about to turn away, chanhee's grasp finds the end of his shirt, and tugs, his eyes clenched shut.

“at first i think i was in love with the thought of you, of everything you came from, but i. somewhere along the way, i…

i fell in love with everything you are.” chanhee’s eyes flutter open, not realizing they were shut in the first place, and all he’s met with are juyeon’s eyes, deep and quiet like the ocean they stood in the first time they kissed, and chanhee feels a strong arm wrap around his waist, a hand resting against his nape, as he’s pulled in for a hug (because juyeon isn’t brave enough for kisses in public, not yet, and not for awhile).

juyeon exhales shakily into his hair, doesn't know what to say, doesn't think he's ready to commit to saying anything just yet. but he at least tells him what he'd planned to from the very beginning.


  • junew - text me back drabble/prompt

(for ref:

being onstage always comes with the best brand of adrenaline rushing through juyeon's veins. the weather today wasn't particularly scalding, allowing him to enjoy the multi-layered ensemble on his body much more than he would on any other summer day. the song is building up, his heartbeat pounding along with the bass that hit under his soles, sweat glistening down the sides of his face. and then the tension breaks, and he relaxes into the choreography as younghoon takes centre stage during the bridge. he feels a shift in movement behind his body; chanhee, dressed in red and a couple more layers than himself, sweating spectacularly, but looking so good despite it all. it's kind of incredible, how someone can maintain that level of physical perfection regardless of how harrowing the choreography, how scalding the sun that beats down on them is.

for some reason, juyeon is always drawn to chanhee's figure as they dance. he's pretty, and nice to observe for a couple of occasions: for instance, to snap himself out of being overly expressive onstage (chanhee is particularly good at holding a focused face while performing), or to spot mistakes in his dance moves that juyeon can help him finesse later on. as sunwoo's rap approaches, juyeon prepares himself for his favourite section of the song of all.

he never expects chanhee to look right back at him, sharp gaze staring straight into his eyes. not today, especially, since they'd performed this song so many times and it had never happened. it catches juyeon slightly-- pleasantly-- off-guard, and when the corners of chanhee's charismatic smile twitch in reverence of the event, juyeon can't help but allow his body to be taken over by the music. he dances, dances, with pride and a smile on his face, clueless of the lingering heat that had shot through his body as soon as chanhee met his gaze, until the song is over, and they're making their way back to the green room.

a hand drags against juyeon's forearm, and he's hopeful for a moment before he turns and sees changmin at his side, his contact with juyeons arm a mere obstacle in his path towards sangyeon and hyunjae, who are lingering at the front of the group.

"why do you always look at me when we perform 'text me back'?" a voice shocks him from behind. juyeon whips around, and he's almost forehead-to-forehead with chanhee, whose cheeks are still pink and chest is still heaving from coming offstage.

"i, uh--" juyeon stumbles slightly, tripping over his own feet and chanhee laughs. well, okay, maybe this would be harder to explain than he initially thought...

"you just happen to be in my line of sight during that part of the song, it isn't on purpose..." juyeon sniffs, falling into line with chanhee as the boys make their way to their dressing room. they slow down until they're flanking the group of eleven, giving themselves space to speak with each other in hushed tones.

chanhee looks at him knowingly, lifting an eyebrow and humming as he pouts ever so slightly. "uh-huh, right. so younghoon, changmin, and jacob aren't on standby on our side of the stage, are they."

"what i mean is..." juyeon rubs the back of his neck and fixes his gaze to the ceiling as they walk forward, silently praying that he doesn't walk into anyone or anything. he feels chanhee's eyes still on him, and tries not to burn under his gaze. "i... you're... really pretty, so--"

chanhee bursts out into laughter at that moment, shocking juyeon and the couple of members that are lingering towards their end of the group. "seriously?!" he whacks juyeon on the shoulder playfully, and juyeon reaches up to shield the rest of his arm from chanhee's wrath.

"lee juyeon, coming from you... that's really funny, you know."

"i'm not kidding! you're seriously..." juyeon clears his throat, waiting until he's sure that no one is listening in on their conversation after chanhee's exclamation to continue.

"you just help me stay focused. i like sharing my fun with people on-stage with me... so it made me happy when you looked back."

god, what is he, in middle school? this was the cheapest confession that juyeon's ever come up with-- though he isn't going to lie, his resume of a total of 2 confessions doesn't cause for much competition. he's sure, however, that he pales in comparison to any of chanhee's suitors. wait, why is he thinking about it like that anyway?!

"for the most part, i," chanhee starts, before taking a deep breath, then his voice goes soft, and juyeon catches the smile on his face. "was pretty flustered when i first noticed your gaze on me. this isn't the first time."

no, it's not, juyeon cringes in his head. it's more like every time they perform the song, even in the practise room-- though he tries to tone the intensity of his gaze down there, since chanhee would probably notice in the mirror.

"er, something like that."

chanhee scoffs. "yeah, well... it's not easy performing well when you've got a handsome guy staring you down for half the performance."

"it's only for, like, three seconds!!" juyeon exclaims.

"not counting the amount of time i'm thinking about you, it isn't--" as soon as the words leave chanhee's mouth, he bites his bottom lip, shuts up and turns his head so that it's facing the direct opposite of juyeon, who is definitely, without a doubt, staring at him with a gaping mouth.


"what?" chanhee echoes, the red in his cheeks spreading like ink on paper until it reaches the tips of his ears. he bites his bottom lip, clenches his fists, and is about to make a break for it when he feels a strong hand at his wrist, sending a shudder throughout his body. the rest of the members have all gone ahead, chanhee and juyeon so busied with their mismatched conversation that they failed to notice their strides growing shorter and shorter, pulling them further and further behind.

  • meta, meta, maetamong; just general rambling about junew...

what draws chanhee to juyeon despite them not necessarily being the most sychronized members of the group? a part of it is because chanhee really admires juyeon, to such a high level-- not that he aspires to be him, but in the same way chanhee honed his own skill in singing, juyeon did the same for dance. in fact, there are lots of times where chanhee feels like juyeon has surpassed his pace. and yet, there are still moments in time when chanhee feels like he can dote on/care for/protect or guide juyeon, who has a surprisingly excitable and naive side (the two kind of come in-hand). chanhee feels like there still exist some moments where he can /care/ for juyeon, watch him and be proud and not just be doted on 24/7 himself-- which is often the case. he finds solace in the fact that somebody he looks up to (in a way) so much can be the same person he coddles, dotes on and scolds... and for the most part, juyeon understands that side of chanhee, receives him with open arms, knows himself that there is someone like chanhee to rely on.

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