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tw // popee the performer , suicide and general death mentions , talk of trauma

also mentions of romantic relationships and pda , in case anyone's uncomfortable with that

possible eye strain due to the colours of the lists

current kinshift ; alec and kiryu

buzzkill follows:

[ listed incredibly loosely , in slight order of strength of memories/frequency of shifts ]

fictionkin :

donnie darko ( donnie darko )

ponyboy curtis ( the outsiders )

alec ( noncanon octoling , splatoon )

fiver ( watership down )

kedamono ( popee the performer )

roberto ( mafia revenge )

noncanon octoling ( splatoon )

kiryu ( godzilla )

sea monster ( otherkin )

questioning :

a kermode ( spirit ) or kodiak bear

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my name's buzzkill or buzz

my pronouns are he/him and they/them , more often he/him

i'm a demiboy , polyromantic and pansexual . i'm romantically attracted to nonbinary people/enbians and masculine-identifying people , and sexually attracted to all genders

i have severe ADHD/ADD and i'm sorry if i don't respond quickly/talk about my hyperfixations too much . i also have ?? aspergers ?? i think ?? i was diagnosed but my mom does not , believe it

i have a trauma-induced headmate named trench , who i'll talk about down here \/

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i split over a year ago during a pretty traumatic event . i've only recently realized that the voice that lashes out that i can't control the actions of is a headmate , and i've even more recently assigned them a name .

trench's pronouns are it/its , but if you can't use those , then they're perfectly fine with they/them .

they're agender , and still figuring out their sexuality , though they're possibly leaning towards something on the aromantic spectrum . still completely unsure about the -sexual side of things , though .

trench is pretty rebellious , and sometimes violent . they're very quick-tempered and they don't forgive very easily . this is pretty much all their way of protecting me , and while they mean well , i am trying to teach them to at least think before they act .

when they do front , their typing will pr...

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donnie : my canon was basically source , except that i was in a relationship with frank as well as gretchen , like my relationship with gretchen was there , but i was also in a relationship with frank . not physical , living frank , of course , it was still ghost/hallucination frank . i loved him ?? very much ?? and i still do ?? what a furry i'm . love him

i also think that i may have had a highschool au timeline as donnie , like where everyone was in highschool . like . frank basically . maybe elizabeth too . idk how multiple timelines work tbh so ,

i was a closeted demiboy , amab , and presented androgynously in public sometimes , and femininely in private . i was either bi or pan , i haven't remembered yet .

ponyboy : uhhh i had a huge crush on johnny and we maybe kissed a couple of times but we weren't actually together , he ended up with dally and i was actually 100% ...

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