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Your Royal Bloody Pain in My Back,
We're bloody waiting here to talk to you, and we're getting a̶n̶g̶r̶y̶ perturbed. (That means angry.)

kamui follows:
  • i am kamui, call me as such
  • takasugi shinsuke is mine
  • i will possibly be emotionally distant
  • i will lose grasp of reality, where i am, etc.
  • i will lose ability to perform certain tasks
  • i may have violent/murderous ideation
  • my memories might be hazy when i come to

i wrote this while i was dissociating so ill fix it up in a bit when im not so its more coherent

feb 13 2017 ∞
feb 13 2017 +

do not follow if you are or know:

  • kamui (gintama)

this may be allowed in very specific cases, but just for everyones sake, take this as absolute

for everything else:

you can follow if you share and youre okay with sharing

you can follow if you know someone who shares and is okay with sharing

do not follow under any circumstances if you share and are not okay with sharing, or follow someone who shares and is not okay with sharing

if you id with anyone from these series feel free to talk to me about anything! i dont have any memories since i have an extremely unreliable memory but i still want to know people

  • matrim cauthon (wheel of time)
dec 2 2016 ∞
feb 14 2017 +
  • glitchkin
  • batkin
  • mothkin
  • pokekin (zorua)
dec 6 2016 ∞
dec 6 2016 +
  • kamui
  • it/its
  • 20 (♋)*
  • inxp, 9w1, chaotic neutral
  • adhd**, DPD
  • love my qpp (1 year+!)

 * dont mention hating people solely based on their zodiac sign it is extremely troubling to me

 ** adhd is the only thing ive had a professional diagnosis for, but i probably have other mental illnesses such as SAD or depression. i dont trust my brain enough to self diagnose myself (except with DPD), but i have no issue with self-dxing.

dec 2 2016 ∞
feb 26 2017 +

interests list might not be complete or accurate, due to a bad memory and fluctuating feelings

please feel free to talk to me about any of these things!!

  • manga (mostly) and anime (less common)
    • comedies (saiki, szs, sket, gintama, osomatsu-san)
    • jojo (fav to least: 5, 8, 7, 2, 4, 6, 1, 3)
      • i will talk about any and all parts at any time without notifying for spoilers so be wary
    • yaoi (manga only, >600 titles read)
    • cg anime (popee, gdgd fairies)
  • lets players & yt/twitch gamers (italics is current focus)
    • best friends
    • vinesauce
    • yogscast
dec 6 2016 ∞
feb 6 2017 +

theres not much that i can think of at the moment thats something i 100% cant handle, but these are my biggest ones

just.. if you could watch out for these. itd mean a lot to me and . yeah

bolded is no exception. other stuff is more flexible, but it still bothers me immensely. theres some vague things on here so just ask if you need clarification

  • cockroaches
  • all shinsuke ships that are not okitakamui or takamui, including okitaka (i will block for this)
  • all kagura ships, especially okikagu/kaguoki (i will block for this)
  • irl gore
  • seeing romantic content of my ccs with characters other than my ids
  • christmas
  • seeing my ids in christmas related pictures/scenarios
dec 11 2016 ∞
feb 19 2017 +

usually for id reasons, but some arent. some are ccs for romantic reasons, and some are not.

theres a lot here whoops

  • shinsuke (gintama)
  • kouka (gintama)
  • abuto (gintama)
  • tuon (wheel of time)
  • n (pokemon black/white)
  • djh3max (hatventures, yogs servers)
  • trottimus (hatventures, yogs servers)
  • switch/suiko (sket dance)
  • himeko/himeo (sket dance)
  • tsubaki/sasuko (sket dance)
  • irisu kyouko (irisu syndrome)
  • yuuta aoi (enstars)
  • choromatsu (osomatsu-san)
  • ryoji (persona 3)
  • mc (mystic messenger)
  • yoosung (mystic messenger)
  • unknown (mystic messenger)
dec 2 2016 ∞
feb 26 2017 +