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saying "go to bed, you'll feel better when you wake up" is the human equivalent of "did you turn it off and turn it back on again?"

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  • i take time to get comfortable with people i'm unfamiliar with
  • probable low activity + slow replies
    • i may disappear for a few days at a time; thank you for your patience with me!!
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chronological !

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  • [caramel] sf9's youngbin - pentagon's hongseok ✩
  • [kairos] pentagon's kino
  • [htcads] pentagon's jinho - pd101 trainee jungjung
  • [valentines] a.c.e's wow
  • [leap] sf9's chani - sf9's hwiyoung
  • [sirène] sf9’s taeyang
  • [doshirak] golcha's jangjun
  • [eerie] sf9’s hwiyoung
  • [seven] nct’s mark
  • [cheerio] sf9’s taeyang
  • [omelas] sf9's hwiyoung - a.c.e's jun
  • [earthquake] sf9's chani
  • [bogus] sf9’s hwiyoung
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mar 15 2018 +

this is just a bunch of open letter type dealios i'm gonna leave here to remind myself to do things or maybe give my dumb ass a push to try and kick a few habits.

these are to myself, from myself, and will probably not directly affect anybody else aside from myself, so feel free to ignore this box entirely.

  • from, me; 23:40, 19/01/2018. hey, you, idiot in the reindeer hood, stop biting your fucking nails. you've been doing it for years and it's gone from a nervous habit to a plain dumb habit. it needs to be kicked, ya nails are ugly. take your stress ball or something of a similar nature with you when you go out to keep your hands busy and out of your mouth, take your spinner with you if you have nothing else, you have it for a legitimate reason so fuck the people who might make fun of you for having one. starting from midnight on the 20th, no biting. that's ...
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