my name is z!

↳ bday: january 22nd

↳ age: fourteen

↳location: florida, usa

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sep 29 2017 +

main twitter acc:

curiouscat acc:


dm for sc, rant and other accs/ways to contact me!

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→i speak both english and spanish

→im really short, barely 5'1 oops

→i love kpop and alternative music

→i love horror movies

→my favorite animal are dogs

→my favorite colors are black and pastels

→i love iced coffee, tea and seasonal lattes

→in my free time i like to do art

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oct 3 2017 +

↠panic! at the disco

↠fall out boy


↠my chemical romance

↠arctic monkeys

↠the brobecks

↠the young veins

↠i dont know how but they found me


↠jon bellion

↠jon walker

↠hayley kiyoko

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oct 9 2017 +

hello! before you follow if you:

  • support donald trump
  • invalidate sexualities/genders
  • make triggering/offensive jokes

please dont follow me. my acc is a 100% safe zone and welcomes people of all:

  • genders
  • sexualities
  • races
  • religions and etc.

my dm is open 24/7 (you get an automatic "hello!" message when you press the dm button, it isnt me but plz talk with me). im shy and bad at keeping up convos but i'd love to make new friends.

i hope you have a lovely day/night. stay strong, remember you are always valid and dont let anyone tell you that you arent. your ults, mutuals and me love you!

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↠weki meki


















↠neon punch


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↠nct dream



↠triple h

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