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corvus system follows:
  • OSDD system of 9ish. traumagenic
  • the system is roughly 7-8 years old
  • our body is a minor (16, 6/21/2001), though everyone in the system presents as adults


  • we have issues w/ delusions & paranoid thinking to varying degrees
  • we believe in group culpability
  • we all really like poetry


  • we're very seriously minded - we prefer more serious long-winded discussions. as a result we might tend to take things more seriously


  • if you don't know who's fronting, you can call us by either zev, corv(us), or the ...
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oct 28 2017 +


  • fictionkin w/ giratina (pokemon)
  • fictionkin w/ Drusera (wildstar)


  • was warcraft kin but Denies this Fact
  • Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower kin


  • Dancer of the Boreal Valley kin

fictives are listed in the bios

zev and vera share their canon, lorian+lothric+dancer all share their canon

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All of the people listed under this are either dormant or cannot front.

Ben Keller, fragment, can't(?) front. Appeared week of 7-25-17. Unreachable 99% of the time and only makes himself known for a few seconds at a time. Sounds like Eygon of Carim from DS3, for Some Reason?

Wade, dormant, has not appeared for over 2 years.

Naomi, dormant, has not appeared for over 4 years. Showed up for a few days recently and then disappeared again.

The Entity, fragment?, shows up from time to time.

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