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In a serious relationship with fictional and two-dimensional characters. Fujoshit 24/7, I ship it and I don't care ❤

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Brazilian ★ Female ★ 22 ★ Leo ★ INFJ

Hi guys, my name is Joana and I'm a cis girl from Brazil. I'm deep in anime/manga hell and talk about it a lot! I'm also a fujoshi without control and very passionate about my fave characters, persons, animes, series and ships (I can't handle with people who talk bad things about my faves, this makes me really sad and salty). I love to meet people and make friends, but I'm too shy (don't let my over 180k tweets deceive you!!). Feel free to talk to me, I'll be really happy if you do!

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It's a little dumb do a space just for my baby (and husband) I love soo much, but this is my listography AND A NEED TO TALK ABOUT HOW MUCH I LOVE HIM!

I'll talk about SAWAMURA EIJUN (after all, he is the main imagem of this list). He is a big ball of sunshine and happiness in my life and in Seidou's team, but I love him because of his AMAZING PERSONALITY. He appears be just a big idiot in the beginning, but inside he is trully hardworking and want to do his best for his teammates. Of course he wants do be the Ace too, but he desire be acknowledged the most and he really is pround of himself when people trust him in the field. He can also turn all adversities into opportunities, never giving up on what you really want. I can try to talk wonders about Sawamura Eijun, but they will never be enough. I love him so much and I want to be like him someday. Eijun deserves the world <3

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  • My mother language is Portuguese, but I can read and write in English properly.
  • Nowadays, I'm studying Japanese and French. I can also understand Spanish, but I can't write/talk with it.
  • I love retweet things, so I can flood your timeline a lot. I'm a flood machine .
  • I love do liveblogging about animes, mobages and figure skating, so be careful!
  • This profile isn't SPOILER FREE! .
  • I don't use tags, but you can ask me to tag something ok?
  • Although I like some of NSFW, I don't reblog it a lot or tweet it a lot.
  • Sometimes I use my account to spill somre bad feelings I have. Don't be afraid, I just need this space to feel better.
  • I can be very friendly, so come talk to me. I try to always answer my mentions (but please don't ask me to follow back).
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I mainly use my twitter on internet, it is the best way to talk to me. Some of the other social networks I use are:

If you want my 3DS Friend Code, SIF JP ID and IDOLiSH7 ID, just ask to me directly (I don't bite, and will be a pleasure to add you!). If you want a more private wait to talk to me (aka line or whatsapp), we need to be mutuals first (you can talk to me by DM me, if you want).

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  • CLAMP Series (especially CardCaptor Sakura!!)
  • Daiya no A (I used to be a stan, but now I'm waiting Eijun become the Ace to scream about this manga again)
  • Touken Ranbu (MY BELOVED SWORDS!)
  • Shoujo Manga (SHOUJO MANGA IS COOL, OKAY?)
  • BL Manga (Yamamoto Kotetsuko and Hayakawa Nojiko BIG FAN!)
  • Figure Skating (becoming a #TeamJapan, Yuzuru Hanyu and Shoma Uno stan)
  • Anime Merchandising (I love talk about merchandising, really)
  • Always important: my ships!
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I don't talk about them as much I talk about my mmain fandoms, but you'll see it sometime in my timeline!

  • Game of Thrones (I love this serie from HBO, so everytime it's airing I talk about it a lot)
  • Voltron Legendary Defender (I LIKE IT SOO MUCH, but I don't talk a lot about it because I'm a little afraid of the fandom)
  • Some other series (like Teen Wolf, The Get Down, Sense8... I watch some and I accept suggestions)
  • FIFA World Cup (The only soccer championship I love watch, it's like a seasonal fandom /maybe)
  • Olympic Games (Other seasonal fandom, I love to watch it when I have time - so many sports!)
  • Kuroko no Basket (I LOVE THIS ANIME SO MUCH, YOU HAVE NO IDEA! I don't talk about it nowadays, but I love meet others kurobas fans)
  • Detective Conan and Magic Kaito (I just love it a lot, really)
  • Season Animes (I can comment some animes of the season, so pay attention - remember, my blog isn't spoiler free)
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