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In a serious relationship with fictional and two-dimensional characters. Fujoshit 24/7, I ship it and I don't care ❤

daimines follows:
  • My mother language is Portuguese, but I can read and write in English properly.
  • I'm studying Japanese and French. I can also understand Spanish, but I can't write/talk with it.
  • I love retweet things, so I can flood your timeline a lot.
  • I love do liveblogging about animes, mobages and figure skating, brace yourself!
  • This profile isn't SPOILER FREE!.
  • I don't use tags, but you can ask me to tag something ok?
  • Although I'm into some of NSFW, I don't reblog or tweet it a lot (but I 'like' it, so be careful).
  • Sometimes I use my account to spill some bad feelings I have. Don't be afraid, I just need this space to say things and feel better.
  • I can be very friendly, so come talk to me. I try to always answer my mentions.
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