• i wont block you but don't follow if you're under 18 it makes me uncomfortable because I say/retweet crude jokes sometimes and i dont think its appropriate for all audiences
  • vegans/vegetarians dont interact with my posts
  • dont follow me if you like shakespeare
  • most important feel free to block/unfollow what have you any time i mean it if shit feels funky
  • i dont think it will be often but discourse might appear here sometimes in the form of retweets
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  • oliver
  • 21
  • bi trans
  • white

dating that guy donnie if you bump into him tell him i say hello and that im a big fan of his personally and also that well i just think he is a swell guy wat can i say ........................ glomp

  • cryptohipster
  • im an "artist"
  • ebay is my source of income
  • i like yucky clothes and tie dye
  • i like thrift stores/flea markets
  • i like parrots and am an AFA certified aviculturist (what the fuck)
  • i dont post much anime these days but if i do its probably legend of the galactic heroes or jojo
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i have a tumblr but dm me if you want it and if u dont know of it already

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