here's the deal, you "CAN" follow me if you're under 18 like i wont block you but i'd advise against it this account isn't nsfw but i make/retweet crude jokes sometimes and it feels uncomfortable like exposing youths to that

this is a pda on main zone this may not be the place for u if you arent into that

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  • oliver
  • 22
  • white
  • trans
  • bi

im married to xochi i love him more than anything in the entire world id die for him dont test me ill fuck you up

i work in a print shop you could say im an artiste i post on here in my art thread also lmk if you have suggestions i do free commissions

jan 13 2018 ∞
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NUMBER 1 INTEREST: loving my wife forever

other interests

  • thrift stores, flea markets, antique shops, and the treasures found within
  • lost media
  • old internet
  • tamagotchis
  • beanie babies
  • nintendo add-ons that were too ahead of their time and didn't sell well
  • y2k fashion
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