• you are racist/transphobic/ableist/etc
  • you are anti-islamic/anti-semitic/anti-religion/etc
  • you make fun of triggers/think that triggers aren't real.
  • you hate otherkin/fictionkin or if you take IDs super seriously/
  • you think systems/headmates are fake
  • you are against self dx'ing
  • If you fetishize trans people
  • If you are “sapiosexual”,a “brony”, yiffer or anything like that.
  • If you ship incest/pedophilia (even if it is for coping reasons)
  • you are a TERF/truscum

I don't want any trouble folks.

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sep 30 2017 +
  • Name: Niko Fox
  • Nicknames:Nik, Neeks, Dad
  • Genderfluid//They-He-She//20
  • White//United States//Midwest
  • Bi/Pan
  • ISTP//Capricorn//Tiger//Chaotic Good
  • *If you need anything tagged I will do my best to make sure I do it!!
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jun 9 2018 +
  • I'm mentally ill, if u got questions ask me off anon
  • My body is in shambles so sometimes it's hard for me to do things but I'm able bodied!
  • CSA survivor
  • I have empathy problems but thats no excuse for bad behavior and i'm willing to own up to things that I do.
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nov 30 2017 +