• granta internship
  • advertising...?
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http://www.iwillteachyoutoberich.com/blo... before camp

  • it would be awesome/weird to couchsurf beforehand haha. otherwise arrive with all.

during camp

  • do as people do

after camp

  • Five days travelling with everyone. Four carried on travelling down through China to Hong Kong via night train (to Xi’An); plane (to Guilin); coach (Yangshuo and Xingping), and night bus (to HK). In terms of cost, flights were about £90, night trains/buses were £20 – 40, and hostels (which were amazing!) were about £3 – 5 per night – HK is much more expensive and largely comparable to London (August 2012 prices).
  • from hk/beijing, go to shanghai
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  • looks like there's loads of 3 month stuff. if i was also freelancing or had saved up i wouldnt have to worry about money so much. and i could live pretty much anywhere for just 3 months. e.g. thailand, odd bits of china, korea, even japan. and in more crappy jobs which would be why they want 3 month people. and then offer to extend it if i really loved it, otherwise move on. WOOP IDEAL. hardcore travelling or exploring the area in between yay.
  • six-month contracts are possible if you c...
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  • STORY TOOLBOX for everything is crucial for any attempts at conversation. e.g. 'the blue sky day' story. i am introverted, think before i speak, so i gotta rehearse.
  • gotta keep reading '90 tips'. i do keep learning useful tips.
  • http://lifehacker.com/5953703/how-to-be-...
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  • "Trip enjoyment is inversely proportionate to the amount of crap (re: distractions) you bring with you."
  • make a list before you pack so that you don't put extra things
  • Free Baggage Allowance(including checked baggage,hand-carry baggage and free articles taken by passengers)is 15 kg. Carry-on baggage The size of the articles taken by passengers should be smaller than 20 *30 * 40 cm and its total weight should be less than 5 kg. The weight of carry-on baggage is calculated as part of your total baggage allowance.
  • put as much as possible (e.g. phone) in pockets to avoid weighing down hand luggage. which also means taking something (jacket?) with pockets!
  • put in a week's minimum clothing and resolve to buy the rest (asking rosalie if there is cheap shopping in beijing, im sure...
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  • china - shanghai, beijing
  • japan - tokyo
  • korea - seoul

other places in asia

  • cambodia
  • chiang mai, thailand
  • maldives
  • goa, india
  • phillippines
  • hong kong 2.0
  • vietnam (i could just wander around vietnam for ages)
  • katmandu, nepal
  • taj mahal, india


  • russia - moscow
  • austria - vienna/small towns
  • hungary - budapest
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  • on my cv: for advertising, stuff like twitter and exposure.
  • JWT - where caitlin works. summer. deadline 2nd November. just email in. caitlin.okeeffe@teachfirst.org.uk
  • Octopus - covering letter, stuff outside degree, tech, pro, services, consumer, PR, personalised. eleanor@octopuscommons.net
  • Saatchi - work placements, accounts, strategy/manager, katya.obolensky@mcsaatchi.com
  • DLKWLowe - summer internships
  • Burson-Marsteller - public affairs
  • Dunnhumby - marketing research, client-faced, data analyst. chris.desyllas@dunnhumby.com
  • Google - internships, e.g. marketing, accounts. alistairwong@google.com
  • Ogilvy - summer fellowship, application: ...
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  • i want to do all the things my olders and betters have done and do their mistakes so i can learn fast fast fast. :-) e.g. when i was 20 i recovered from depression and (sort of) overcame procrastination and i began writing every day! wooo! so what do i want to do when i'm twenty one? i want to try all the crazy shit tim has done plus business stuff. learn from failure and hard work!
  • http://kpopsecretmeme2.livejournal.com/1... SMALL TALK IS ALL BALLS


  • billions of conversation openers which are great http://succeedsocially.com/startconversa...
  • realistically the minimum i will do is travel around beijing then some time in shanghai and perhaps hk using my savings, which might cost me say 100 for each journey, 50 for staying in each place, i'd prob go to korea too so up to £500 of my own...
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  • kate gave a heated electric blanket for s1 in a cold house. ideal!
  • a jaunt around chinatown turned out to be cheap + fun. :-)
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  • The Checklist Manifesto - Atul Gawande, on creating systems because willpower is a limited resource
  • E-Myth by Michael Gerber - on systems
  • Switch by Chip Heath - on the psychology and frame of mind behind getting yourself to do things and making systems
  • http://www.fourhourworkweek.com/blog/200... -- allowing a few hitches to happen in order to make an overall good system
  • Why We Buy - Paco Underhill - just as shoppers psychologically need space, so too do conversations (DJ elite).
  • unwasted my lush sobriety - this sounds very good. about growing up and becoming yourself now that there's no drink.
  • how to marry the man of yo choice
  • The Art of Civilized Conversation
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  • i would like to learn chinese and go to china. and use the noomi rapace method of learning chinese super quickly. genuinely though i want to do this.
  • i want to spend at least some time sitting on a beach in thailand if possible.
  • i will be really lonely unless i learn how to make friends fast and be sociable... tokyo was a nasty surprise lol. i want to consciously develop this skill until it comes naturally and easily - behavioral changes. take classes or think up a system ft ramit sethi.
  • i want to consciously develop my writing ability, both creative but especially travel writing. research, formal study, and selling my stuff to the highest bidder... freelance writing instead of jumping straight into an entry-level job :-)
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  • http://www.writersstore.com/do-you-reall...
    • "Screenwriting 'style' is much closer to that of ad copy, comic books and the sports pages than it is to great literature."
    • "Sure you want to picture what is going on on the screen, but the important talent is the ability to turn action into words. If you think only in pictures and are very right-brained, pursuing a career in production design, cinematography or directing might make more sense."
    • "If creating unique, captivating characters and taking them over seemingly insurmountable obstacles to achieve visible, bigger-than-life goals is the kind of writing that thrills you, then you should consider movie writing."
  • first get books about it
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  • To “haul / Steadily off the bottom” reinscribes Heaney’s figure for learning one’s craft by “learning to turn the windlass at the well of poetry.” “Usually,” writes Heaney elsewhere, “you begin by dropping the bucket halfway down the shaft and winding up taking air. You are miming the real thing until one day the chain draws unexpectedly tight and you have dipped into waters that will continue to entice you back. You’ll have broken the skin on the pool of yourself. Your praties will be ‘fit for digging.’”
  • There are revealing contrasts between this warm lit-up place and Van Gogh's 'The All-night Café' in Arles. Van Gogh wrote, 'In my painting of the 'All-Night Café I've tried to express the idea that the café is a place where one can ruin oneself, become crazy and criminal. Through the...
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jun 13 2013 +
  • going to scotland :-)
  • the fic i wrote before which got sweet comments. the old kpop stuff and the long nba one that took me months haha.

stuff i would like to accomplish soon

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  • henry chips channon's hilariously assish political diaries
  • The literature: a historical anthology from Ariosto to Stonewall


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  • success is the best revenge - kanye west
  • nothing wrong with loving who you are. - lady gaga
  • one day i want to honestly say, "i made it".
  • I lived a fast life and I wanted to end it as quickly as possible, and nowadays I feel like… everyday is kind of precious to me. - daul kim
  • No more running away from something or someone or myself. - daul kim
  • What next? what are you excited about? i want happiness. - daul kim
  • no heartwarming stories.
  • j j j j j junsu
  • i'm never gonna find true love. fuck you. - jyj
  • everyone keeps calling me gay, i'm not gay, i'm fucking homosexual.
  • being female, you're raised to be a good, sweet girl and not flip out. so i had to...
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  • you have to mediate as i definitely want to not be a tourist but i also don't want to be a crushed ant worker in a hagwon somewhere

this is a mini retirement. a homestay would be nice, as would couchsurfing, volunteering, wwoofing sometimes, etc. volunteering is ideal in cheap places for meeting people. or short teaching stints but i still want to MEET people. studying abroad i.e. a university stint is the other ideal - a language school or something. can i afford that? i prob can. that would be incroyable for seoul, say, but 800 quid...! but then you also don't want to go and pay that money just to socialise/get drunk and not work. or something. idk idk.

  • "If you’re willing to learn even ten sentences in a language, you can also very easily find people who will help you. Mak...
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  • one meal would be a pack of chicken breast (20g) protein, some type of legume (tesco???) and some type of veggie or salad. 0.5-1 bottle of red wine every week. :-) test cooking 4 eggs for breakfast after a week for which ill need pan spray.
  • potential legumes - bean burgers, vegan chilli, bean meatloaf, openable cans of beans, drained baked beans.
  • ready made food i can eat: precooked chicken slices, whole roast baby chicken/thighs, ready made soups etc in the soup lunch aisle that i usually ignore, canned lentils, canned beans, canned mushrooms, no carb chicken/shrimp salads at pret, sainsburys etc, canned tuna, smoked salmon, smoked sausage, pre cooked sausage
  • food i can cook at uni: stir-frey veg (mushrooms, spinach), all egg dishes, pan friend chicken, beef or fish.
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  • sport, hiking, scuba, bungy jumping. adventure activities. "mountaineering, trekking, bungee jumping, mountain biking, rafting, zip-lining, paragliding, and rock climbing". Snorkeling, Mountain hiking, Swimming, Kayaking, Windsurfing, Scuba diving, Mountainbike/bike riding. Horse riding, Scooter riding, Sailing, Safari tour, Bodyboarding, Surfing, Volleyball. Kickboxing!
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  • http://middlekingdomlife.com/guide/teach... - really useful for classroom techniques, def use this
  • www.onestopenglish.com
  • www.bogglesworldesl.com
  • eslpartyland
  • http://iteslj.org/
  • http://www.linguistic-funland.com/
  • The government regulates the media so I gave them a rare taste of “real” American culture, for better or for worse. One day, I showed my students a music video that featured break-dancing. Immediately, their eyes were glued to the computer screen. I got a lot of giggling, some “Woahs!” and one kid, already fluent in slang, shouted “That’s dope!” (“Dope,” in case you’re wondering, means “awesome.”) Kids of all ages find just about anything American, from Disney movies to gangster rap, entertaining. As a teacher, you can use their curiosity to sp...
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you can volunteer in return for bed and board. The good thing about this sort of volunteering is that you can do several in a row, interspersed with travelling, and get to understand the local culture a lot better, whilst living extremely cheaply.

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feb 5 2013 +
  • clothes - a nice jumper for e.g. (ask them what they need)
  • BOOKS (esp for nadia)
  • lip balm, makeup, etc
  • pencil cases
  • a day out + lunch?
  • coupons 'one free haircut on demand, one hug, one get out of argument free card'
  • acne cream lol
  • nivea, palmers, etc
  • a book (blackwells card)
  • clothes or a coupon
  • makeup/regenerist for mother
  • cinema ticket
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The main key I can think of is to have an idea and a message . Every great story says something and means something. If you can pinpoint what that is, it will become easier for other things to fall into place. Then as I am planning a story, I typically outline, giving myself an idea of where I am going in the story itself but more importantly with the characters.

If you are having trouble coming up with endings, then you might want to focus on what you are trying to say and where you want your characters to go . Every good story needs to have a point near the end where the characters overcome something, realize something, or if the characters don't the reader does. Something that is critical. It is that that should be driving your story.

My usual way of writing is a little bit at a time. I write 200-300 words, mull and edit then repeat the process. It leads me writing less fic but to me, my quality is higher. On my most recent fic however,...

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aug 14 2011 +
  • get conversation skills
    • read the great, great books from amazon on public speaking (blackwells maybe?)
    • compile social skills advice off ramit. e.g. "If you go into a bar or whatever, and you see someone and you're like—please go out with me, I'm desperate for the touch of a woman. You know, they are like, that’s ridiculous, you sound like a loser, but if I'm just like confident, calm, make a couple jokes, and I know that I have options, that’s very attractive."
    • watch news anchors to get used to what they do
    • you get skills through behavioural change. so legit just talk to more people mate....
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novel length

  • Diplomatic Relations, maldoror
  • The Arrangement, maldoror
  • Over the Hills, mistress quickly

novella length

  • Brown Leafed Vertigo, foxflare

short story

  • the inception mafia fic
  • mal - steel for chocolate
  • the yoosu time machine fic!
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jun 13 2013 +
  • being able to pay debt + retirement
  • being able to travel around the world multiple times of year for long periods (thats like 1k per expedition a year)
  • being able to afford taxis and somewhere (small) to live in central london... and clothes. i dont mind eating mcdonalds lol :-)
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