• i would like to learn chinese and go to china. and use the noomi rapace method of learning chinese super quickly. genuinely though i want to do this.
  • i want to spend at least some time sitting on a beach in thailand if possible.
  • i will be really lonely unless i learn how to make friends fast and be sociable... tokyo was a nasty surprise lol. i want to consciously develop this skill until it comes naturally and easily - behavioral changes. take classes or think up a system ft ramit sethi.
  • i want to consciously develop my writing ability, both creative but especially travel writing. research, formal study, and selling my stuff to the highest bidder... freelance writing instead of jumping straight into an entry-level job :-)
  • i wanna find some east end gays. shoreditch..
  • i want to learn to draw - proper portrait sketching ability (and painting, ah painting). i want to paint. copy chris riddell - i'd love to be able to draw like him.
  • i want to learn loads of rationalist scientific stuff. like how the brain works and cognitive biases and philosophical arguments.
  • i want to try loads of things, like magazine writer and novel writer and artist and graphic designer and book cover designer and advertiser etc for enough time to see if i like them before settling on a career!
  • i wanna learn to draw well enough, like aubrey bearsley-esque and this amazing piece: http://i1112.photobucket.com/albums/k492/villeggiatura/art/inceptionbigbang12/ibb_divingbell_web.png
  • i want to spend time just watching every film i haven't watched and listening to every band i haven't heard and reading every book i haven't read. like crazy culture month..! :-)
  • go on a massive diet eating super health foods and getting super skinny. and exercise loads and go running in weird bits of london. :-)
  • teach abroad - "Anyone with a well-respected TEFL certificate and a degree can find a job within weeks, as long as you are flexible about location etc. In fact, a native speaker with no TEFL certificate could find a job in a crappy school within weeks, if they wanted to." http://www.tefl.net/esl-jobs/faq.htm
  • learn to cook!
  • learn to sing :-) and maybe a tiny bit of piano
  • get a job!! even if its tutoring or something part-time.
oct 8 2012 ∞
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