• Heather McNamara

Being friends with the Heathers has really changed me a lot. Once Chandler died and Duke was in charge I went through some very hard times and that's when I wanted to end my life. But thanks to Veronica, I adapted a better outlook on life and now I'm happier than I've been before. Although... there will be some days that I think back to what's happened and I just want to cease to exist, or to change into someone completely new. I wish I hadn't been so mean...

  • Chloe Price

After losing my dad I decided to say "fuck it" when it came to life. I don't really care about others or myself, except for Rachel and Max. But now Rachel is gone too. So I need to hold on so goddamn dearly to whatever I have left. I still remini...

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dec 5 2017 +

i have one person for literally all my canonmates so uhhhh if ur kin from smthn i am, just hit me up lol

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  • Heather M.

me and veronica have been good friends for a while! she helps me whenever i start feeling panicked about my past, and tends to talk me down a lot. she's my best friend and i love her loads. me and duke are also beginning to get along a lot more recently, bonding over the tragedies that struck Westerburg and took our friends away. things are beginning to look up :)

  • Connor

evan and i would have gotten along well. he's just like me, someone who stands in the background and barely exists in the eyes of our superiors. i do want to get to know him a lot more than what i know about him already. we both struggle with things and i respect that a lot.

  • Michael
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  • 100-80%: super great, feeling good abt life nd shit
  • 70-60%: not too bad, still happy tho
  • 50-40%: kinda neutral, not in the best mood.
  • 30-20%: starting to feel really down, wanting to get my mind off things for a while.
  • 10-0%: disassociating myself from people, feeling like shit.
  • anywhere in the negatives: pretty fucking terrible ngl
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dec 5 2017 +

doubles r ok w

  • Chloe
  • Dirk
  • Heather
  • Rich
  • Steve
  • James
  • Slater
  • Tate

& i very much /dislike/ doubles w

  • 707
  • Michael
  • JD
  • Richie
  • Connor
  • Monika
  • Bailey
  • Todoroki
  • Larry
  • Strade
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jun 1 2018 +
  • Rich Goranski
  • Kevin Free (wtnv)
  • Kevin Khatchadourian
  • Mike Wheeler
  • MC (ddlc)
  • Alyssa (teotfw)
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jan 30 2018 +
  • incest is gross pls don't come near me w it
  • i don't have any triggers so i'll prolly post smthn considered triggering on my account at some point (i might mention suicide, homicide, self harm, etc.)
  • i might not post a lot bc i'm a piece of shit
  • i might also come here to rant
  • sometimes i only kin w/ certain characters because of their mental state/the way they handle specific circumstances (ex; JD)
  • prepare for excessive swearing tbh
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