please notify me beforehand if youd like to refollow me. ive had a really bad experience with things like this. thats really all i have to say about the matter. thank you very much and i apologize sincerely!

feb 1 2017 ∞
jan 12 2018 +

► my name is reve/jekyll/caspar, but you may call me anything you would like! please just notify me first to avoid confusion!

► i dont mind any pronouns you use for me, though i go with he/him and/or they/them as a default!

► i talk about dune too much but if this may bother you, please notify me!

► i dont mind if anyone softblocks/blocks/mutes me, but please notify me first beforehand if it was something i did! it's mainly because i dont want to cause any discomfort or confusion if i send you a notification, since i cant notice those things very well. if you cant, then it's alright! i dont want to make anyone feel uncomfortable about confrontation, so its all up to you! i may softblock/block/mute as well, but i will discuss it either a while before it happens or personally! please softblock when unfollowing!

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