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i love dune and also i had to take this url as soon as possible

dune follows:

→ please do not save/leak my tweets or send someone to check my account if you followed me before and we ended our friendship. this has happened and it makes me extremely uncomfortable. i wont say anything else but i beg of you not to. it has given me major paranoia. you may request to refollow though.

feb 1 2017 ∞
may 1 2018 +

→ caspar/jekyll || he/him and they/them pronouns please!

→ pisces (late march) || ISTJ || type 1 wing 9

→ i love idwtkoh and 狼ゲーム!

→ majoring in criminal justice, i would like to become a college professor!

→ i know a few languages! the main ones i use on a daily basis are english, spanish, and korean (on twitter sometimes)!

→ i tag everything but if i forget something, please do notify me! i want to make sure everyone is comfortable while following me.

→ if you want to softblock/mute/unfollow me, please do so! i wont say anything about you but if i said anything wrong to cause that action, please do message me if youre comfortable enough!

→ there is more information about me on the 'ongoing' tab! thank you for reading, please take care and i hope you have a...

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