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erin follows:

- Name : Erin Bae

- Birth : March 29, 1995

- Place of Birth : Buk District, Daegu, South Korea

- Siblings : 2 Older Siblings; Both Brothers

- Nicknames : Rin, Rinnie

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As a young girl, Erin knew her life would always be around books. She was always fascinated by her grandfather's book store. It had books from all kinds of centuries and countries. Also books that would provide for all kinds of ages and languages. Bae's Reads was her second home. Bae's Reads was passed down from one generation to another and now, her father owns and she is his right hand woman! Although her mother wanted her to be surrounded with her lifestyle which is more materialistic, Erin was more into the smell of book pages than floral scented perfume. She was always teased for this. Labeled as a "book worm" and "nerd" but funny thing was that she was never bothered by this. She would rather be called these things than others cause she takes pride in this. Her brothers find her odd for this pride but they adore her for it. As the baby of the bunch, naturally, they find everything s...

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[ will work on later! ]

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{ likes } - Old books

- New books

- Ice Coffees

- Cakes

- Strawberries

- Harry Potter

{ dislikes }

- Paper cuts

- Black Coffee

- Color Green

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