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xy or xiaoyi // 94-liner // she/her

Hiiragi Shinya is my boyfriend and OiKage is my brand, probably.

I'm studied global health and political science as an undergrad. Most of my knowledge is grounded in American systems, but I know a little bit about other countries. I'm always up for talking about it if you want to nerd out about the sociopolitical nature of epidemics, biomedical cultures, and etc.

I used to write more, but I've kind of died. Whoops.

I'm hard-of-hearing and have been since infancy, so occasionally the topic comes up on my Twitters. I'm fine talking about it and encourage questions, but I do not take kindly to deaf jokes or flippant comments about deafness. I have a very low tolerance for ableism, too.

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  • masterlist (updated oct 2016)
  • psn: ask me
  • steam id: ask me
  • 3ds friend code: ask me
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  • bungou stray dogs
  • d.gray-man
  • (the) empire of corpses
  • free!
  • haikyuu!!
  • hidamari ga kikoeru ***
  • joker game
  • kuroko no basuke
  • mobile suit gundam: iron-blooded orphans
  • nagi no asukara
  • nana
  • natsume yuujinchou
  • owari no seraph
  • prince of stride: alternative
  • shokugeki no soma
  • zankyou no terror


  • bungou to alchemist
  • final fantasy type-0
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some of these i'm not active in fandom-wise (as in consume or create fan content), but i'm always happy to talk about them!


  • hiiragi shinya (ons)
  • oikawa tooru (hq!!)
  • lee lenalee (dgm)
  • sugihara kouhei (hidamari)
  • newt (tmr)
  • makoto tachibana (free!)
  • tifa lockhart (ff7)
  • miyoshi (jg)
  • izana kunagiri (ff type-0)
  • rika (mystic messenger)
  • serizawa reira (nana)
  • mallorie cobb (inception)


  • oikage (hq!!)
  • gureshin (ons)
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please tag:

  • discussions of the dying process or the afterlife
  • loud noise in audio/video
  • purposeful (pharmaceutical) overdoses

please do not tweet me:

  • deaf jokes
  • any phrases like "claws/scratches face"
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In general:

  • All "usual" triggers are tagged, but feel free to ask for anything else. I will generally read abouts from mutuals and tag for them.
  • No followbacks for people under 16, following western aging system.
  • Feel free to follow, unfollow, or block as you please.
  • If we're mutuals, I prefer softblocking instead of just unfollowing.

I like keeping topics separate on my Twitters, but they occasionally overlap depending on the mutual I am talking to or if I think something is important enough to talk about on a different account.

  • etiological: my main fandom account, mostly for animanga.
  • shotgunhips: my nsfw. please be 18+ and a mutual on my fandom. i may reject requests if i kno...
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