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FEH Network follows:

Why is there only 20 slots?

  • I'd like to keep this a small group, so up to 20 members are allowed!

Is that why members are allowed up to two characters to claim?

  • Yes! It made a small mishap on my part, but I did this just so it'd be a lot more inclusive that way, if that makes sense. You don't have to claim two characters, but it is allowed! It's just for fun! There's no real reason for this.

What can we do in the Discord group?

  • There's still a lot I'm working on, but for now we have custom emojis pertaining to our claimed characters and other things, sometimes we just chill and listen to music, and there's several channels available to help sort things out! I have two bots in the server that can be used to pos...
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  • Tumblr: Avrisul
  • Twitter: @Avrisul
  • Discord: Avrisul#2731
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