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  • Infinite (Gyu)
  • NU'EST (Jonghyun) / KNK (Inseong)

Like a lot:

  • BTOB (Eunkwang)
  • EXO (D.O)
  • Highlight
  • iKon (Jinhwan)
  • Monsta X (Kihyun)
  • Teen Top
  • TVXQ (Changmin)
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  • D.O.
  • Jonghyun
  • Kihyun
  • Leeteuk
  • Sunggyu (Ult)


  • MXM boys
  • Shihyun
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More Casual Fan:

  • A.C.E
  • Black6ix
  • Halo (Yoondong)
  • Imfact (Jeup)
  • N.Flying (Seunghyub)
  • SF9 (Inseong)
  • SHINee (Key)
  • VIXX (N, Ken)

Please note these aren't all the groups I am familiar with and/or check out all the comebacks for! If I listed every single one it'd be quite the list. I'm very into giving attention to nugu groups in particular so if you ever want to get more fans for a group...well rec them to me and I'll check them out at some point!

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Please note there are times where I will go off and disappear for a bit, but don't worry unless I've been gone without a word for a week or more. I have self-imposed isolation a lot. I might also ask if you hate me, and please don't think you necessarily did anything wrong, I just have some issues. Also to note, if you are going to unfollow as a mutual, please softblock, it's somewhat rude not to.

Also, yes, I am the Mira who was somewhat known in the Kagepro fandom and Shintaro Kisaragi is still my reason for living.

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  • 21 years old (gemini)
  • female
  • Pan
  • Single
  • I live in New Jersey and go to school in New York City
  • American citizen
  • Ethnically Jewish (Ashkenazi & Mizrahi)
  • I write now and again
  • My birth name is Mallory, which you can call me if you want. My other birth name is חַוָּהחנה
  • I only speak English fluently but I can read and understand most Spanish & French
  • I dislike getting involved with drama, it's fine if you want to vent to me now and again if we're close but I try to avoid those sorts of things
  • I am 21 so if you're younger please keep that in mind ww
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  • Japanese Language
  • Japanese Culture

I will be finishing my degree in May, then taking time to find out my health condition before deciding what I will do. My current plan is to go for a Masters in Clinical Psychology or Forensic Psychology.

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Best boy:

  • Shintaro Kisaragi


  • Leon from Aichuu
  • Yuzuru from Enstars
  • Kabutomoaki from SB69

Good boys:

  • Ki-bo
  • Yukisada
  • Natsume Takashi
  • Edgar Chang Martin
  • Minato Arisato
  • Naoya Toudou (fav smt protag ♡)

Special to me for various reasons:

  • Gintoki Sakata
  • Yuuki Oku
  • Yato
  • Allen Walker
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  • Curious Cat: lemoncurd
  • Tumblr: queuezizi
  • AO3: yukisadah
  • Discord: vinnie#7757
  • Telegram: dascini
  • Line: dascini
  • Reddit: /u/juinfleur/
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