i, myself, am in the dmmd fandom & we have a couple fictives from it. if that makes you uncomfortable then you certainly don't have to interact with us and that's perfectly fine if you are. just a warning, because i know some people are.

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hey, i'm kai & i'm the host of this system - we call it the galaxy forest system. if you'd like to see a list of all the headmates and their info, go to the ongoing section! there's a list of everyone here too, but it's just names and sources.

our system is a mixed system - that just means it was partially formed from trauma (a couple headmates definitely were) but the rest of it is endogenic, if that makes sense.

well, that's about it lol the rest of my info is on my page in the system list. the rest of the stuff in here is just misc. crap basically

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  • kai (me, the host)
  • storm
  • shadow
  • galaxy


  • ender (my oc)
  • noiz (dmmd)
  • sly blue (dmmd)
  • yuuma (vocaloid)

headmates not in the other section for various reasons

  • kei (not sure if he's still here)
  • kade (same as above)
  • sora (we think he's here but he's hiding)
  • cain (same as above again)
  • flare (i think he's gone)
  • raine (same as above)
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