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i'll be fine as long as this warmth exists

Jessica follows:
  • 18+ only, unless we're already mutuals!
  • Please softblock (block/unblock) when unfollowing.
  • I SOMETIMES TAKE A RLY LONG TIME TO FOLLOW BACK, I'm sorry. I'm really cautious about following people back.
  • I mostly talk about anime and idol games. Please take note of my pet peeves/notps lists before you consider following.
  • I retweet a lot. Feel free to turn off retweets.
  • I also tend to tweet a lot + indirect my friends quite often.
  • If you need anything tagged please let me know.
  • I'm not very nsfw on my main acc but do keep in mind that I am an adult and I may occasionally tweet or make nsfw jokes. If that makes you uncomfortable, please reconsider following.
  • I occasionally RT rule63 ("genderbend") f...
dec 1 2016 ∞
apr 2 2017 +
  • jessica / 22 / norcal
  • vietnamese (ok!) + cantonese (no)
  • infp / slytherin-ravenclaw

current fandoms

  • enstars + other mobage
  • seasonal anime (see: MAL)
  • kpop girl groups (see: ongoing tab)
oct 22 2016 ∞
dec 1 2016 +
  • you're racist, sexist, ableist, homophobic, transphobic
  • you like rape/non-con fictional or otherwise
  • you like shotacon/lolicon/pedophilia
  • you send death threats and/or engage in targeted harassment
jul 21 2016 ∞
dec 1 2016 +

I won't necessarily unfollow/block over these things but know that I do hate them and if I do unfollow/block, it's probably for these reasons.


  • "keito and kuro are souma's parents"
  • you hyperfeminize souma
  • you hypersexualize adonis based on the color of his skin


  • daddy kink
  • ephebophilia
  • underage age gap
  • teacher student
  • incest
  • parental incest (will most likely block)
  • age gap incest (older relative x younger relative)
sep 3 2016 ∞
apr 2 2017 +

I would strongly prefer not to follow people who ship the following. If we're already friends and you ship these things then it's fine. Please do not talk to me about these ships and/or put them in my mentions.


  • shu/nazuna

^ (if you ship this, let me know so i can turn off your RTs)

  • izumi/makoto
  • sakumacest, 2winkcest
  • not rly a notp, but I dislike most eichi ships.

gundam tekketsu

  • mcgillis/almiria


  • tougane/mika
aug 19 2016 ∞
apr 2 2017 +