Hello! I'm Mika/Gumi/Cam, whatever floats your boat. I'm currently a freshmen in high school, and I use he/him pronouns. I'm a complicated person, however.

I'm an artist, all my art being on @irlkiibo !

I'm very picky with fandoms, and I most likely like to have my fandoms 'to myself'; in other words, I like being alone in fandoms or with a small group of people to enjoy it without a large majority of people ruining the experience for me.

I'm very insecure and sensitive. I'm super duper self-loathing and will probably deny any compliments, though they do make me happy and feel special.

I've had a bad history that I'm not too antsy to talk about. If I feel trustworthy around you, I'd be willing to tell.

I'm a very jealous person, and I've developed my horrible jealousy from the 'bad history'. If I'm left out of anything, I t...

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Here are my interests / fandoms !



Danganronpa (I love V3 far more than the other media)

One Piece


I have many more, but these are my main interests! I'd be glad to talk about them, though Danganronpa I've kinda backed out of due to lack of interest due to people 'ruining it for me'.

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Abel (@yuunyas)

Snark (@snarkt)

Molly (@crypitizen)

Kip (@colgate.toof)

Andi (@rosyremedies)

Jess (@irl.scumbag)

Nikki (@viiridi)

I'm sorry if you weren't mentioned! I love all of you!

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