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Revvin' up your engine
Listen to her howlin' roar
Metal under tension
Beggin' you to touch and go

Cole follows:

other stuff

  • im mentally ill, i might malfunction at times
  • i draw a lot to keep myself occupied and to cope with you'll see a lot of art from me. sometimes its gorey too just a heads up but i always tag my shit
  • sometimes i have a hard time processing certain stuff and might not fully understand something. i apologize in advance if i need something explained better
  • same goes for explaining stuff myself. i often have a hard time putting thoughts into the right words so i try my best to avoid conflict.. but please try to be patient w me if possible

if i don't respond much to you, i apologize.. im trying to work on that and ill do my best to reply if possible

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mar 23 2018 +

my system is small, consisting of 7 alters. i, the host stay in front much of the time, though Milo tends to come around too more than the others. Milo uses he/they pronouns and is in his mid 20s. i rarely talk about my trauma, but you can ask about it if we're close.

other alters

  • Juni/Juniper (he/they)
  • Armaros (he/it)
  • Blu (he/him)
  • Yuno (any pronouns, but mostly she or they)
  • Cassius (he/it)(protector)
  • Astaroth (it/its)(currently dormant)

i don't typically post much about my system, but can answer general questions if you're curious about, or are questioning DID. our experiences might vary from yours though, and if you are questioning, i strongly suggest asking a professional or d...

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