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♡ i love my datefriend leels and my qpps luna + cait + mimi ♡

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  • switch
  • ra*bits
  • 2wink
  • tori
  • kanata


  • hello happy world
  • kasumi
  • hina

i don't play idol games very much anymore but i still care about the characters, especially switch

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aug 8 2018 +
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  • please only request to follow my spam instagram if we're already friends and i told you the @ of it!!
  • i talk about k-pop on my spam instagram quite a lot and the groups i stan are important to me. be prepared for that if you don't like k-pop very much, especially if you dislike any of the groups that i stan
  • i talk about natsumugi sometimes on my spam instagram and i also post my own art of it on my art instagram, it's a really important ship to me, don't try to start some discourse with me about it if you dislike it. the same goes for misakoko (although i don't draw misakoko very often)
  • i talk about school stuff and stuff about my life in general on my spam instagram a lot
  • sometimes i put art wips/sketches on my spam instagram
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feel free to ask me for my discord if you don't already have it!! i'm super active on there, it's the easiest way to contact me!

i'm only advertising my pinterest here because i'm very active on it and my loona board is my pride and joy

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aug 8 2018 +
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  • loona
  • bts
  • twice
  • enstars
  • bandori

i do like idol games but my interest in them isn't as strong as it used to be and i barely play them anymore, tbh i'm only still into them because i'm too attached to the characters

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  • bias: jiwoo


  • bias: hoseok


  • bias: dahyun

all the members of all of these groups are really important to me i love all of them so much

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