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"Man muss noch Chaos in sich haben, um einen tanzenden Stern gebären zu können."

julia ♡ :・゚✧*:・゚✧ — 21 years old; infp-t

  • libra sun, scorpio rising, pisces moon ❅
  • languages student — english teacher ☘
  • bangtan means everything to me ♡

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sep 3 2015 ∞
oct 14 2018 +

☼ — my sun and stars

  • jeongguk ♡ bts
    • “Do you ever wish you had a second chance to meet someone for the first time? Look, let me put it this way: with me, you're number one and there isn't even a number two.”
  • taehyung ♡ bts
    • “I feel like a part of my soul has loved you since the beginning of everything. Maybe we're from the same star. I was lost until I found you.”
  • minho ♡ winner
    • "Falling for you wasn't falling at all. It was walking into a house and suddenly knowing I'm home. Without you, I'm like a Seoul city without lights."
jan 8 2016 ∞
aug 9 2018 +