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ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ marvel fanfics (mostly lokyrie).

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冥王 せつな pluto is the latinized form of greek Πλουτων (plouton), derived from πλουτος (ploutos) meaning "wealth".

    • marvel stan | asexual | biromantic
    • libra ☼ sagittarius ☾ aquarius ↑
    • chaotic evil | pluto | brazil

i can't control myself so i keep changing my name on listography but you can call me pluto, yuka or whatever you want.

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    • I've always liked saturn. but I also have some sympathy for pluto because I heard it's been downgraded from a planet, and I think it should remain a planet. once you've given something planetary status it's kind of mean to take it away. ⌇ jared leto
    • just because pluto or comets aren't as big as jupiter doesn't mean they are not scientifically important - indeed, just the reverse is often true. sometimes, great things come in small packages. ⌇ alan stern
    • I refuse to accept pluto's resignation as a planet. ⌇ amy lee
    • I think pluto has to be considered among the places in the solar system that are possible homes for life. ⌇ david grinspoon
    • just because pluto orbits with many other dwarf planets doesn't change what it is, just as whether an object is a mountain or not doesn't depend on whether it's in a group or in isolation. ⌇ alan stern
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ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ thomas william hiddleston.

    • tom hiddleston/loki with children
    • tom hiddleston singing lovesick blues
    • tom hiddleston loves loki so much, you'll see
    • tom hiddleston and benedict cumberbatch being bffs for 3 minutes straight
    • animals loving tom hiddleston for 1 minute straight
    • tom hiddleston being intelligent among others for 3 minutes straight
    • "it was... bonkers." tom hiddleston on life as loki
    • tom hiddleston being a youtuber for 3 minutes straight
    • avengers cast loves tom hiddleston for 2 minutes straight
    • chris hemsworth and tom hiddleston play 'would you rather' | thor: ragnarok
    • tom hiddleston responds to ign comments
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