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i'm super talkative and am eager to be friends with you!!

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this is stuff i feel strongly about and i'm not willing to compromise on. that said, if i ever reblog anything from someone who condones any of this, please tell me and i will swiftly delete and block!

      • don't follow if you're a terf, transmisogynist, homophobe, racist, support incest/pedophilia (in ships too) etc.
      • aro/ace people aren't lgbt because nobody is oppressing you for not experiencing sexual attraction. i won't be rude to if you're ace obviously but don't try and debate this with me lol.
      • i'll always respect your pronouns, no matter what. it's important to me
      • do not ever refer to me as/with the q**r label. no exceptions. it's fine if you want to reclaim it, but don't push that on me please! at the end of the day it's sti...
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  • crafting
  • watching cartoons (especially old ones)
  • scrapbooking
  • planning
  • coloring in coloring books
  • collecting:
      • stickers
      • disney pins
      • records
      • toys
  • eating sushi and drinking dr pepper
  • sleeping
  • organizing
  • being in love
  • thrifting
  • (recreational) gaming
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i'm bebe/pips!! it's nice to meet you!!

      • 24
      • he/him nb lesbian, happily taken
      • mentally ill

i love pastels, hearts and valentine's day-like aesthetics! being optimistic/cheerful is how i deal with mania and depression and it's very genuine. it helps ease my paranoia and foster friendships! it's never intended to be sarcastic or anything other than kind!

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i interact with all followers and will probably follow you back!

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  • overwatch
      • moira o'deorain
      • orisa
      • reaper
  • cuphead: don't deal with the devil
      • king dice
      • beppi the clown
      • mr wheezy
  • animal crossing: new leaf
      • beardo
      • cookie
  • all mario games
      • mario
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