• (nick)names: miya, himmy
  • ↑20
  • uni student
  • not straight
  • whatever pronouns (she/her is fine, they/them is more than fine)
jun 1 2017 ∞
oct 12 2017 +
  • I go between locked and unlocked on this twitter pretty often
  • follow reqs are ok, but it might take me a long time to respond to them!
  • I can get really busy and only sporadically tweet, but I always notice DMs and mentions
  • I can be interaction-heavy w replying and liking personal posts that I read and whatnot, so maybe only follow if you'd actually want to talk to me
  • don't be afraid to confront me, I like criticism and not getting vagued

I do mean it when I say I use line/am on it all day everyday, since it's a big way I talk w people who aren't too into my interest(s)/fixation(s) and all my other messaging stuff is mostly for irl friends. also have discord. sooo if you want those and are a mutual, just ask!

jun 1 2017 ∞
oct 12 2017 +
  • this account is kinda an outlet for my interest in the idolm@ster sideM, primarily, so I tweet/RT a lot about that
  • favourite unit: Beit
    • ✿ 渡辺みのりP ✿ + fan of all, and gd do I ♡ kyomino (but how often do I really talk about them off priv?)
    • I like to write them, tbh, and I might tweet about my ideas. if you enable me I might just love you
    • I ranked 420 in Minori's oripi event
  • I like all branches of im@s (CG fave: KWSM)
  • into seiyuu and lives
  • expect livetweets of niconamas if I can catch them, but not of anime necessarily
jun 1 2017 ∞
oct 18 2017 +
  • anime:
    • directed by kunihiko ikuhara (utena, etc.)
    • directed by kotaro ishidate (tesagure! bukatsumono, etc.)
    • some idol stuff, gag stuff, ...surreal odd and/or old, symphogear but I've fallen behind, I have an interest in sakuga, you might see me RT'ing made in abyss stuff, etc!!

(you really might want to check the archive tab for the old version of this, lol)

oct 12 2017 ∞
oct 12 2017 +