• this account is kinda an outlet for my interest in the idolm@ster sideM, primarily, so I tweet/RT a lot about that
  • favourite unit: Beit
    • ✿ 渡辺みのりP ✿ + fan of all, and gd do I ♡ kyomino (but how often do I really talk about them off priv?)
    • I like to write them, tbh, and I might tweet about my ideas. if you enable me I might just love you
    • I ranked 420 in Minori's oripi event
  • I like all branches of im@s (CG fave: KWSM)
  • into seiyuu and lives
  • expect livetweets of niconamas if I can catch them, but not of anime necessarily
jun 1 2017 ∞
oct 18 2017 +